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An illusion of Pike's attacker

This male warrior was encountered by the landing party led by Captain Christopher Pike of the starship USS Enterprise to Rigel VII in 2254. According to Pike, "I should have smelled trouble when I saw the swords and the armor," but "Instead of that, I let myself get trapped in that deserted fortress and attacked by one of their warriors."

The outcome of the confrontation, included the death of three of his own crew members, including his yeoman, as well as seven more injured. Captain Pike later blamed himself for this, claiming that his own complacency was the reason the Kalar had been able to successfully attack them.

While en route to the Vega colony to hospitalize some of his crew who had been injured in the incident, the Enterprise was diverted to Talos IV, where Captain Pike was kidnapped by the Talosians. The Talosians used their illusion-creating powers to force Pike to relive the battle on Rigel VII, creating an illusory Kalar and this time adding the Human female Vina to the illusion, in an attempt to manipulate Pike into developing an emotional bond with her. (TOS: "The Cage")

The Kalar warrior was played by Mike Dugan. The look of the Kalar was given a distinctly Viking flair. (Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook, p. 177)
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