The following is a list of unnamed Kazon raiders.

Accident site

The raider using the masking circuitry

Damaged following an accident

This Kazon-Nistrim raider used its masking circuitry to observe Voyager while in orbit of a class M planet where away teams collected fruits and vegetables. Due to unusual ionization trails, Tom Paris asked Tuvok to release a polaron burst which led to the detection of this raider.

Later, Voyager detected this raider again but this time adrift in space. An accident occured aboard the vessel and the explosion caused several Kazon crewmembers to get "melted" into the ship's hull. A surviving crewmember from the raider was brought aboard Voyager and treated in sickbay while away teams tried to retrieve a console on the bridge which caused the explosion. This console was later identified as Federation technology by B'Elanna Torres. (VOY: "State of Flux")

Culluh's raider

Aft view of Culluh's raider

The Kazon-Nistrim vessel commanded by First Maje Culluh engaged the USS Voyager in 2371 and demanded their unconscious Kazon crewman back who was rescued from aboard another Kazon raider. (VOY: "State of Flux")

Later, it attacked a Talaxian convoy and kidnapped Tom Paris. While aboard the raider, Paris was able to hack into their communications logs to determine who had been contacting the Kazon from Voyager. He then successfully escaped from the raider in a shuttle, but was pursued as Paris fled to Voyager. After destroying the shuttle, the Kazon attacked Voyager, but were repelled after Voyager disabled their engines. (VOY: "Investigations")


In mid-2372, two of these vessels engaged Voyager in what was the fourth attack in a two week period. In the battle, Voyager destroyed one of the raiders and forced the other into retreat. Despite this, the Kazon caused significant destruction to Voyager and nearly disabled it. (VOY: "Alliances")


As Voyager later attempted to cross through Nistrim space, it was engaged by a small raider, but quickly repelled. In their fourth attack, two more raiders were repelled by Voyager. Each ship was targeting Voyager's secondary command processor. (VOY: "Basics, Part I")

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