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The following is a list of unnamed Kelvin-type shuttlecraft.

Medical shuttle

A medical shuttle

This medical shuttle was assigned to the USS Kelvin in 2233.

It was berthed in front of shuttle 43 in the USS Kelvin's shuttlebay when Captain Richard Robau was headed to the Narada. As medical shuttle 37 was lifting off during the evacuation of the Kelvin, this shuttle flew past, and was just behind shuttle 3 when they exited the shuttlebay. (Star Trek)

Both the shuttle across from shuttle 43 and the shuttle that flew past shuttle 37 are identifiable by the red rescue markings, and the nacelle pylon seen next to shuttle 3 had rescue red markings. Since none of the shuttle numbers were visible, it is assumed these three are all the same shuttle.

Last shuttle

The last shuttle out

This shuttle was assigned to the USS Kelvin in 2233.

This was the last shuttle out of the USS Kelvin's shuttlebay during the Narada's attack, just after shuttle 2. (Star Trek)

This shuttle's number was never clearly visible, but it seems to also be numbered 2.
This shuttle was last seen flying behind shuttles 37 and 2 when shuttle 2 was destroyed.

Kelvin shuttles

Twenty shuttles from the USS Kelvin

In addition to the shuttles 3 and 37, eighteen other shuttles assigned to the USS Kelvin in 2233 also fled the destruction of the ship, carrying a total of 800 crew members to safety. (Star Trek)

Assuming all the remaining shuttles managed to leave the Kelvin, the ship carried a total complement of 22 shuttles.