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List of unnamed Kobheerians.

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Deep Space 9 female resident

This female was a frequent visitor of Quark's and the Promenade on Deep Space 9.

In 2369 she visited Quark's Bar and participated in a dabo game while the crew was affected by the Saltah'na energy spheres. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

She visited the Replimat in 2370 and left it when a crowd of Bajorans tried to get the attention of Li Nalas. (DS9: "The Homecoming")

She was among the evacuees departing the station in preparation of the arrival of three Bajoran assault vessels that were arriving to commandeer the station. (DS9: "The Siege")

She was sitting in the Replimat when Dr. Julian Bashir replicated a cup of Tarkalean tea, and acknowledged her as he blew on his beverage to cool it down before sitting at a table with Elim Garak. She later played dabo alongside Zolan, who was on a very hot winning streak, even receiving a small hug from him as he collected his latinum. (DS9: "Cardassians")

She passed by Odo and Kira Nerys on the Promenade as Kira gave an update to Odo on the attack on Quark. She later walked along with a Tygarian on the Promenade, together passing by Odo's security office as Odo grilled Rom about the names on the list that was stolen during the attack on Quark. A little while later they remained nearby Odo's office conversing before she backtracked the way she had came. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

She visited the bar while USS Voyager docked at Deep Space 9, talked to a Bajoran officer, and witnessed Quark's attempt to sell jewelry to Ensign Harry Kim. (VOY: "Caretaker")

This Kobheerian was played by regular background actress Tracee Lee Cocco who received no credit for her appearances.
According to Cocco, makeup designer Michael Westmore called this alien simply "Cocco" when he first put her makeup and prosthetics on.
Her costume was re-used several times and previously worn by Kristina Kochoff before it was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Deep Space 9 visitor

This individual had lunch with a Human on Quark's second level, right behind Garak and Doctor Julian Bashir in 2371. During a discussion between the doctor and Garak, the Cardassian pointed to this Kobheerian and told that she was eating slower than his Human companion. (DS9: "Improbable Cause")

Later that year, they observed Miles O'Brien darts winning-streak at Quark's. (DS9: "Shakaar")

This Kobheerian was played by regular background actress Patti Begley.
Both, Garak and Bashir, called this Kobheerian a Talarian. The script for this episode called her first a N.D. alien and then a Talarian. However this was not reflected in the choice of species that actually appeared.

Markonian outpost visitor

A Kobheerian

A visitor was doing business on the Markonian outpost and toured USS Voyager during its layover. He was among the alien visitors who made room for Naomi Wildman and Seven of Nine after Seven shouted at the crowd.

He was later passed by Seven in the corridor while he studied one of the ship's access panel terminals. (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

This Kobheerian was played by an unknown performer.

Tsunkatse spectator

A Kobheerian spectator

This male was among the spectators of several Tsunkatse matches near the Norcadian homeworld in the Delta Quadrant in 2376. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

This Kobheerian was played by an unknown performer.