List of unnamed Lokirrim.

Captain Edit

Lokirrim Captain

A Lokirrim captain

This male captain fired on USS Voyager because he detected photonic activity on Voyager. Kathryn Janeway offered to turn off their holodeck, but the captain insisted that the ship be boarded. Janeway informed him that since Voyager had superior firepower his choices were escort them through Lokirrim space to make sure they did not use photonics or have his ship destroyed. He picked the first choice. (VOY: "Body and Soul")

The Lokirrim captain was portrayed by David Starwalt and is listed in the end credits as "Captain #2".

Guard Edit

Lokirrim guard 1

A female guard

This female guard guarded Harry Kim. (VOY: "Body and Soul")

The guard was uncredited, played by regular extra Robin Morselli.

Jaryn's parents Edit

In 2377, Jaryn missed being away from her home, and while aboard USS Voyager, explained to The Doctor/Seven of Nine that she was able to picture her parents, where she recalled seeing her father pruning his cona vines in his airponics bay and her mother reading in her favorite chair. In addition to Jaryn, they also had a son, Lohden, and for a time had a hologram servant named Emmik. (VOY: "Body and Soul")

These parents were only mentioned in dialogue.
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