A list of unnamed Mazarites.

Bodyguards Edit

These bodyguards accompanied the captain on board Enterprise. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

Captain Edit

Mazarite captain

The Mazarite captain

The captain was one of numerous criminals who had infiltrated the Mazarite High Council. He was determined to kill Vulcan ambassador V'Lar, who had been sent at the request of the Mazarite government to investigate corruption within the organization. After she had obtained evidence against the criminals, the government expelled her, as a ruse to protect her. The captain commanded a Mazarite ship in pursuit of the Earth Starfleet ship Enterprise, which was transporting V'Lar. After the captain's vessel overtook Enterprise, he led a team of three Mazarites who boarded the Starfleet craft. However, he was tricked by Jonathan Archer into believing that V'Lar was hiding in Enterprise's imaging chamber, in the ship's sickbay. The Mazarite captain and his companions proceeded to attack the chamber with heavy phaser fire, thinking they had killed her. This delay gave time for a Vulcan starship to arrive and disable the Mazarite captain's ship, saving V'Lar. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

In the final draft script of "Fallen Hero", the Mazarite captain is at first described thus: "He's in his forties and is dressed in civilian Mazarite clothing. In contrast to the Mazarite Official, he seems relaxed, even charming." However, a later description of the Mazarite captain stated, "He's still pleasant, but speaks with the cool smugness of someone who knows he has the upper hand."
The Mazarite captain was played by actor John Rubinstein.

Magistrate Edit

Mazarite official

A Mazarite magistrate

The magistrate had asked the Vulcans for help in investigating the Mazarite government which had been infiltrated by criminals at the highest levels, especially the High Council. Once Ambassador V'Lar was ready to testify against the criminals, the Magistrate was so anxious to protect her that he sent her on a shuttle to dock with Enterprise, in order to save time. As a ruse to get her off the planet, the Magistrate expelled her for abuse of power and misconduct, in order to cover the real purpose: to protect her. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

In the final draft script of "Fallen Hero", this Mazarite was referred to as being in his forties. He was consistently referred to in the script as "Mazarite Official", despite more specifically being called "the magistrate" in dialogue from both the script and the episode itself. Also, as noted above, he was distinguished as being significantly different from the Mazarite captain, in the script. The Mazarite magistrate was played by actor J. Michael Flynn.
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