List of unnamed Metrons.

Colony Edit

Metron colony

A Metron colony

A colony was encountered by the USS Enterprise. (TOS: "Arena")

Representative Edit


A metron

This male, born approximately circa 770 AD (Earth calendar), was encountered in 2267 by Captain James T. Kirk. He and his kind captured Kirk and the Gorn captain, transporting them to a planet where they engaged in mortal combat. The loser and his ship would be destroyed.

When Kirk was victorious, but refused to kill the Gorn, the Metron male appeared and was surprised by Kirk's compassion, believing Humans to be a violent race. He freed both Kirk and the Gorn and their ships. He commented that in a thousand years humans would be advanced enough for the Metrons to make contact with them. (TOS: "Arena")

This Metron was played by Carole Shelyne, and his voice provided by Vic Perrin. Similarly to the Talosians in "The Cage", he was played by a female actress and voiced by a male actor to give him an androgynous appearance.
According to The Jack Kirby Collector #28, comic book artist Jack Kirby was heavily influenced by the look of this Metron when creating the character of Adam Warlock in Fantastic Four v1 #65-67.
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