The following is a list of unnamed Moneans.

Burkus' family Edit

According to Burkus, his family had lived in the Waters for ten generations, and as such, he had "brine in the veins", meaning that "We protected this ocean, cultivated it, lived in harmony with the animals that inhabit it." (VOY: "Thirty Days")

This family was only mentioned in dialogue.

Female Edit

Monean female

A Monean female

This female was part of the first delegation that visited the USS Voyager in 2375, together with Burkus and Riga.

During her visit, she had several conversations with Tuvok and Neelix, the latter congratulating her on her people's interesting culture. (VOY: "Thirty Days")

This Monean was played by background actress Wanda Roth who received no credit for this appearance.
Roth filmed her scenes on Friday, 21 August 1998 on Paramount Stage 8 and 9. Her costume from this episode was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Male Edit

Monean male

A Monean male

This male was part of the second delegation that visited Voyager in 2375, together with Burkus and Riga.

He took part in the briefing that was held after the Delta Flyer had returned from the core of the Waters with unsettling news. (VOY: "Thirty Days")

This Monean was portrayed by background actor Les Costanza who received no credit for his appearance.
Costanza filmed his scenes on Thursday, 20 August 1998 on Paramount Stage 8 and is listed as "Monean N.D. - sc. 70" on the call sheet. His costume was also sold off on eBay. [2]

Regional sovereigns Edit

According to Burkus, upon learning that they would have to evacuate forty-seven regional sovereigns would pass their first ever unanimous resolution, one which demanded his head. Kathryn Janeway assured Burkus that regardless of the dilemma this presented to him, he would have to inform them. (VOY: "Thirty Days")

These sovereigns were only mentioned in dialogue.
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