List of unnamed Federation starships of the Oberth-class.

Evacuation of Veridian IIIEdit

Oberth class at Veridian III

The USS Farragut leads unnamed Oberth- and Miranda-class starships from Veridian III

In 2371, an unnamed Oberth-class starship assisted the USS Farragut and an unnamed Miranda-class starship in recovering the crew of USS Enterprise-D from Veridian III, following the forced crash-landing of its saucer section. (Star Trek Generations)

The TNG eBook, Slings and Arrows: "The Insolence of Office", gives this ship's name as the USS Trosper (β).

Battle of Sector 001 Edit

Oberth class, first contact

Two Oberth-class vessels near Earth

At least three unnamed Oberth-class starships fought against the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373.

One destroyed vessel was in the vicinity of the USS Defiant while this ship passed a destroyed hulk on a strafing run against the cube. Another two vessels were on the far side of the attacking Borg cube when the cube was first engaged by the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: First Contact)

This marked the final appearance of the Oberth-class in the Star Trek series and the only time a ship of this class was seen firing weapons.
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