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List of unnamed Pakleds.

DS9 visitors []

These males began visiting Deep Space 9 in 2370, and continued through 2374, just before the start of the Dominion War.

Early in 2370, three individuals were in line behind Julian Bashir and Melora Pazlar at the new Klingon restaurant. They sat at a nearby table behind Melora passing around a curious gadget that were taking turns inspecting. Two days later the trio passed outside the security office as Quark entered to discuss his problem with Fallit Kot to Odo. (DS9: "Melora")

Two individuals were meandering outside the Replimat as Jadzia Dax and Pel discussed Quark. Later, they visited Quark's when Rom was complaining to Odo about his brother's relationship with Pel. They sat up at the bar enjoying drinks and snacking on the Gramilian sand peas set out for the guests. (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition")

Later that year, one of the Pakleds visited Quark's, where he shared a drink with a female Bajoran officer. He later visited the casino at Club Martus during its grand opening, as Quark and Odo watched. He was later joined by a Bolian woman. He was later seen leaving Club Martus as Quark arranged the racquetball match between Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir across the way, eventually standing in the back of the crowd as they cheered. Afterwards he stood talking with the Bolian woman once again outside of Quark's. At 1200 hours the next day, the sane two stood in Quark's and watched the aforementioned match between O'Brien and Bashir on a viewscreen Quark had set up over his bar. (DS9: "Rivals")

Another was on the Promenade when a replicant of Miles O'Brien was aboard the station. (DS9: "Whispers")

When Major Kira was paying Kubus Oak a visit in DS9's brig later that year, a Pakled was sitting in another of the brig's cells. (DS9: "The Collaborator")

In 2371, this individual visited DS9 shortly before the Romulan delegation arrived and the Klingon Intelligence officers started a brawl in Quark's. (DS9: "Visionary")

Later that same year, this individual was on the promenade speaking with a Kressari man. (DS9: "Life Support")

In 2372, this individual visited DS9 shortly before the Klingon attack. At the time, he visited the Promenade during the Klingon shore leave and participated later in a game of dabo at Quark's. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

Later that year, two Pakleds visited Deep Space 9 while the employees of Quark's were on strike. Alongside a Bolian woman, they were almost the only guests in the establishment. (DS9: "Bar Association")

In 2373, this individual passed near the Replimat as he walked across the Promenade. (DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

One or more of the appearances may have been portrayed by Dan Lake.

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Jackabog's ship personnel[]

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Kalla system ship personnel[]

Captain []

Pakled captain 1

The Pakled captain

This male served as the captain of a Pakled Clumpship. In 2380, his Clumpship, along with two others, ambushed the USS Cerritos. Upon his arrival, he briefly contacted the Cerritos and told them "[w]e have you now, Enterprise." However, his ship was swiftly attacked upon the arrival of the USS Titan, which prompted him to (incorrectly) observe, "Oh no! It's another Enterprise." After the Titan caused considerable damage to his ship, he ordered his crew to "Make [them] go. Go, guys, go!" (LD: "No Small Parts")

This captain was voiced by an unknown performer.

Crew members []

These crew members served on a Clumpship. In 2380, they participated in an attack on the Cerritos until their ship was fired upon by the Titan, which prompted their captain to order a retreat. (LD: "No Small Parts")

Mondor personnel[]

Pakled personnel[]

Pakled Planet inhabitants[]

Delegate 1 []

Pakled delegate 1


This delegate announced the arrival of the "Her Mushesty, the Queen." (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This delegate was voiced by Tawny Newsome.

Delegate 2 []

Pakled delegate 2

Delegate (right)

This delegate, who was present during the "rebelution", pointed and announced, when the new Pakled leader put on the disposed Emperor's helmet, "He is strong!" (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This delegate was voiced by Brian Posehn.

Emperor of the Pakleds []

Emperor of the Pakleds

Emperor of the Pakleds

The Emperor of the Pakleds emerged from his door and announced his arrival immediately after the Pakled King announced his arrival. Moments later, a number of rebels entered the hall and their leader killed the emperor. (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This emperor was voiced by Rich Fulcher.

Guards []

...(LD: "The Spy Humongous")

King Pakled []

King Pakled

King Pakled

King Pakled emerged from his door after Queen Pakled annouced that she did not have a big enough helmet to negotiate cease-fires. Upon announcing his presence, the Emperor of the Pakleds emerged from a door and announced his presence. (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This king was voiced by Rich Fulcher.

Out-of-breath Pakled []

Out-of-breath Pakled

An out-of-breath Pakled

This out-of-breath individual came running to Ambassador Grubdin to inform him that their prisoner Rumdar had escaped to the USS Cerritos. (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This Pakled was voiced by Brian Posehn.

Queen []

Her Mushesty the Queen

The Queen

In 2381, this female served as the Queen of Pakled Planet. However, despite her apparently royal title and status, she was unable to negotiate cease-fires, as she did not "have a big enough helmet to do that." (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

Freeman exonerated

The Queen arrested

The Queen was taken into custody on Earth by Starfleet after it was discovered that the Pakleds had destroyed their own homeworld and framed Captain Carol Freeman, so as to force the Federation to relocate them to a more resource-rich planet. (LD: "Grounded")

This queen was voiced by Brian Posehn. [1]

Rebel leader []

Pakled leader

The rebel leader

...(LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This leader was voiced by Rich Fulcher.

Rebels []

...(LD: "The Spy Humongous")

Servant []

Pakled servant

Pakled servant

This servant stood by eating rotten mushfroot as Captain Carol Freeman and Lieutenant Shaxs stood by waiting to speak to someone about a cease fire. He was offended when she refused the mushfroot. (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

This servant was voiced by Rich Fulcher.

Soldiers []

...(LD: "The Spy Humongous")