List of unnamed Regula I-type space stations.

Eddington's prison starbase

Eddington's prison base

This United Federation of Planets starbase was the location of the brig that held Michael Eddington following his conviction for betraying Starfleet in 2373. It was at this base that Eddington received counseling sessions, psychological evaluations, and rehabilitation seminars.

Eddington's brig cell

Benjamin Sisko visited Eddington there in mid-2373 to inquire to him about the message intercepted by General Martok regarding missiles launched by the Maquis targeted at Cardassia.

Sisko arrived at the station to relay the message to Eddington, who dismissed the entire interaction. When Sisko offered Eddington his freedom in exchange for his help, Eddington dismissed that as well, stating, "I want to lie here until the Jem'Hadar blow this place to pieces, and me along with it."

Sisko, nevertheless, arranged for Eddington's release from the base to join him on a mission to the Badlands to uncover the launch site. (DS9: "Blaze of Glory")

This starbase was recycled footage of the Regula I space station from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
According to the script, this base was described simply as "a Federation-style Starbase."
For information on the stations personnel, see Starbase brig guard.
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