The following is a list of unnamed SD-103-type shuttlecraft.

Drydock shuttle

Shuttle at the drydock

This orbital shuttle was docked at the same spacedock that the USS Enterprise-B was launched from in 2293. (Star Trek Generations)

NAR-30974 SD-103 type shuttle.jpg
A small model of this type of shuttle was part of the Starfleet Drydock studio model used in
Generations and was briefly seen on screen. While the shuttle was too small to be readily identifiable in the film, it can be clearly seen in pictures taken of the model. [1]

Farragut shuttlecraft

The shuttle from the Farragut

In 2371, this orbital shuttle assigned to the USS Farragut assisted in the evacuation of USS Enterprise's personnel from the surface of Veridian III after the latter ship's saucer section had crash landed there. (Star Trek Generations)

Shuttle on the Enterprise-D

A shuttle on the crashed Enterprise-D's saucer

In 2371, this orbital shuttle assisted in the evacuation of USS Enterprise-D's saucer personnel after it crashed on Veridian III. (Star Trek Generations)

This is more than likely also a shuttle from the USS Farragut, as it very improbable that a shuttle this large would have been part of the shuttle complement of the small Oberth-class vessel that assisted the Farragut with the evacuation.
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