The following is a list of unnamed Skagarans.

Campers Edit

Skag town

The Skagaran campers in Skagtown

These campers were in their own encampment of Skag town when they were spied upon by T'Pol and Charles Tucker III. The campers were clustered around a fire. (ENT: "North Star")

The Skagaran campers were evidently portrayed with CGI.

Hanged man Edit

Skagaran (Dead)

A dead Skagaran, after being hanged for murder

This male lived on the planet which included a Skagaran colony. He was also an acquaintance of Draysik, who knew this Skagaran did not drink alcohol.

In 2153, this Skagaran shot and killed Clay Stanton in self defense. He was subsequently lynched in the town of North Star by a mob headed by Deputy Bennings. (ENT: "North Star")

This Skagaran was played by stunt actor Mike Watson who received no credit for this appearance.

School children Edit

These school children were taught lessons by school teacher Bethany at night in Skag town, as it was illegal to teach Skagarans to read, write, or calculate. After the encounter with the away team from Enterprise NX-01, they were taught together with the Human children in the school. (ENT: "North Star")

In the final draft teleplay of "North Star", there were scripted to be seven Skagaran children in the school scene, "ages eight to about twelve". In the episode only appeared four beside the two named, Yral and Taliyah.
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