The following is a list of unnamed Terrellians.

Boxer Edit

Terrellian boxer

The holographic recreation of him

A Terrellian boxer was a boxing opponent whom Chakotay sparred with while a cadet at Starfleet Academy. During one match, Boothby, who used to coach Chakotay, warned him that he was taking the Terrellian too lightly and should let him punch himself out. Chakotay did not listen to his trainer and was knocked out by the Terrellian in round four.

Chakotay recreated this boxing training in his holographic program "Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta". (VOY: "The Fight")

This Terrellian was only mentioned in dialogue. The hologram of this individual was portrayed by Carlos Palomino.
In the final draft script of "The Fight", the Terrellian hologram was described as wearing similar attire to Chakotay and being "the same size as Chakotay, but built more powerfully, looking far more dangerous."
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