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The following is a list of unnamed 22nd century Tholian ships.

Scoutship Edit

In 2152, this ship was sent to retrieve a 31st century Earth vessel discovered by the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01. Captain Johnathan Archer opens a channel with them and starts to talk but is interrupted by the Tholians who said they were sent to retrieve the vessel, explaining that the ship was dangerous to Enterprise's crew because of its "temporal radiation". Archer denied the request and the Tholian ship locked onto Enterprise with a tractor beam. Archer informed the Tholians that if they don't release Enterprise he'll destroy the vessel in the launch bay. The Tholian ship withdrew, leaving Archer to wonder if there were others who thought they had a claim on the vessel. (ENT: "Future Tense")

Timeship hunters Edit

Tholian starship aft, Future Tense

Three of the Tholian ships

In 2152, four ships were sent out far beyond Tholian space, a rare move for the Tholians, as they attempted to possess a 31st century Earth vessel discovered by the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01. The four Tholian ships intercepted and disabled the Vulcan cruiser Tal'Kir while it waited to rendezvous with Enterprise. They also attacked and defeated a fleet of Suliban vessels that were in pursuit of the arriving Earth ship. They then successfully removed the pod from Enterprise's possession, only to have the pod return to its proper timeline moments later. (ENT: "Future Tense")

First scoutEdit

Tholian starship explodes - In a Mirror, Darkly


In 2155, while searching for the USS Defiant in the mirror universe, the ISS Enterprise came across this ship, manned by a single Tholian. Following a failed plan to tractor onto the enemy craft and a subsequent brief exchange of firepower, Enterprise disabled the Tholian ship. Its pilot started an overload in its reactor but was beamed into Enterprise's decon chamber just as its own ship exploded. The pilot was interrogated until it gave them the location of the Defiant. When the Tholian later attempted to send a signal to its people, Phlox killed it by lowering the temperature until its carapace shattered. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

USS Defiant's guardsEdit

Tholian web seals drydock


At least seven ships were sent to protect the Defiant from Enterprise. These vessels discovered Enterprise's illegal presence in the Vintaak system, attempting to steal the Defiant.

Three Tholian vessels approached Enterprise and started to hail the ship as an assault team from Enterprise arrived on the Defiant. These ships encased Enterprise in a Tholian web, and after being joined by four more Tholian ships, proceeded to destroy it with weapons fire.

Soon after, six of the Tholian vessels created a web in an attempt to block the Defiant to prevent its theft. When the assault team managed to bring tactical systems online, the Defiant disabled the drydock's tractor beam, and destroyed three Tholian vessels. The remaining Tholian ships quickly retreated. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

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