List of unnamed Tholians.

Ambassador (2371-72)

In 2371, Odo accused Nog of stealing from the ambassador on Deep Space 9 and arrested Nog and Jake Sisko for the deed. However, this was actually part of a plan Jake Sisko had formulated in an attempt to repair his friendship with Nog. Nog maintained his innocence, claiming not even to know what a Tholian looked like. (DS9: "Life Support")

The following year, Sisko obtained a quantity of Tholian silk from the ambassador, who owed the captain a favor. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
According to a line of dialogue in a deleted scene from "Defiant", a Tholian ambassador aboard Deep Space 9 reported that someone had broken into his quarters during the night and stolen three cases of latinum, which was meant to be the dowry for his wedding. [1]
A Tholian ambassador was also mentioned in the first draft script of "Our Man Bashir". In that teleplay, Elim Garak claimed to Julian Bashir, while they were having lunch together at DS9's replimat, that the Tholian ambassador had remarked positively on how Garak had used some Tholian silk.

Ambassador (2379)

In 2379, Romulan Senator Tal'aura claimed to have an appointment with the ambassador to Romulus before excusing herself from the Senate chamber. However, this may have been a ruse to excuse herself, as thalaron radiation was then used to kill the members of the Romulan Senate. (Star Trek Nemesis)

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Antwerp Conference observer

Mirror universe pilot


This officer, involved in the Temporal Cold War, was aboard the Tholian ship that contacted Enterprise NX-01 and requested the release of the Earth vessel that the Earth starship discovered in 2152. (ENT: "Future Tense")

This character appeared as an off-screen voiceover.
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