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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

The following is a list of unnamed Type 6 shuttlecraft.

By registry

By year

Enterprise-D saucer evacuation

Several shuttles evacuating the Enterprise-D saucer

In 2371, several Type 6 shuttles from the Nebula-class starship USS Farragut, along with a Miranda-class and an Oberth-class starships were used to evacuate the survivors of the USS Enterprise-D's saucer after it crashed on Veridian III. (Star Trek Generations)

It is unclear which ship the Type 6 shuttles belonged to, though it seems unlikely that they were the Enterprise-D's, as the main shuttlebay doors were still closed.

Equinox shuttles

Last shuttle

During the course of the USS Equinox' journey across the Delta Quadrant, it had lost all but one shuttle, by 2376.

As the mutineering Maxwell Burke and his compatriots attempted to escape capture, following their failed attempt to evade Voyager, they attempted to make their way off the ship aboard their last remaining shuttle when they were all killed by attacking nucleogenic lifeforms. (VOY: "Equinox, Part II")

The fact that this shuttle is identified here as a Type 6 is based on the appearance of two such vessels on the Equinox' MSD.

Voyager shuttles

Tuvok and Bennet's shuttlecraft

This shuttlecraft was flown by Tuvok and Bennet in 2372 when it crashed on a Drayan moon. It was repaired and recovered. (VOY: "Innocence")

Neelix and Wixiban's shuttlecraft

Shuttle returning from trade deal

This shuttlecraft was piloted by Neelix and Wixiban for a rendezvous with a alien freighter on the outskirts of the Nekrit Expanse, where a number of narcotics as well as some pergium were acquired.

The shuttle later returned to Bahrat's space station, where Wixiban's drug sale went bad, resulting in the death of a drug dealer, beamed out and returned to Voyager. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

As was the case with many Type 6 shuttles appearing on Voyager, this shuttle was also adorned with a Type 8 shuttle MSD on the interior graphics.

Seven's shuttlecraft

Shuttle stolen by Seven of Nine

This shuttlecraft was stolen by Seven of Nine after she detected a Borg homing beacon. She smashed the shuttle through, Voyager's shuttlebay doors and flew off at warp speed, masking her ion trail.

She proceeded deep into B'omar territory, where she disabled four B'omar patrol ships that attempted to stop her, before being engaged by another Voyager shuttle piloted by Tom Paris and Tuvok.

Though Seven was disabled the warp drive to Paris' shuttle, they were still able to beam Tuvok aboard Seven's shuttle, where he was overwhelmed by Seven and confined to the aft compartment behind a level 5 force field. Seven left Paris' shuttle behind and traveled to a Class M moon when they put the shuttle down and proceeded on foot to the remains of the USS Raven, the ship Seven was captured by the Borg from. They were later beamed aboard by Paris' shuttle and returned to Voyager, presumably abandoning the shuttle behind. (VOY: "The Raven")

Seven's shuttle consisted of both new Type 6 shuttle footage, mixed with recycled Type 8 shuttle footage.

Chakotay, Paris, and Neelix' shuttlecraft

Studying a class 1 nebula

This shuttle was piloted by Chakotay and Tom Paris, along with Neelix, during their collection of protomatter from inside a Class 1 nebula for use as an energy source.

As Chakotay attempted to a transporter beam to collect a sample to the containment cylinder aboard the shuttle, the beam ignited the protomatter, causing an energy flare from the nebula to strike the shuttle, weakening its shields. Following the eventual loss of shields, Neelix was struck by another energy flare from the protomatter and killed.

Shuttle struck a second time by an energy discharge

As the shuttle left the nebula it was tracked down by Voyager and discovered with its primary systems offline; the crew were beamed to Sickbay and the shuttle was tractored aboard Voyager. The protomatter collected, which was initially stable, destabilized before it could be returned to Voyager. Physically, the shuttle suffered several fractures in its nacelle that Paris later sealed.

A scenario of shuttle mission was recreated on the Holodeck 2 to determine the cause of the protomatter discharge, which was found to be a small phase variance in the transporter logs, created by a problem in the shuttle's pattern buffer, which was believed to caused a feedback loop along the transporter beam.

During a later vision quest with Chakotay, Neelix was spoken to by Tom Paris from aboard the same shuttlecraft. (VOY: "Mortal Coil")

As was the case with many Type 6 shuttles appearing on Voyager, this shuttle was also adorned with a Type 8 shuttle MSD on the interior graphics.

Paris and Kim's shuttlecraft

Tom Paris and Harry Kim flew this shuttlecraft to the surface of a Demon class planetoid to retrieve a much needed supply of deuterium. (VOY: "Demon")

As was the case with many Type 6 shuttles appearing on Voyager, this shuttle was also adorned with a Type 8 shuttle MSD on the interior graphics.

Paris and Neelix' shuttlecraft

Shuttle returning to Voyager

In 2374, this shuttle was used by Tom Paris and Neelix to visit a trade colony for supplies. Paris reportedly told Chakotay that it was so loaded down with supplies that it could only do half impulse. During their journey back, they transported "a local" named Arturis to Voyager for transport to the next system. (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

This shuttle's appearance was recycled footage of the Sacajawea from "Coda".

Tuvok, Paris, and The Doctor's shuttlecraft

Crash-landed on the subspace sinkhole planet

In 2375, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Ensign Tom Paris and The Doctor were on a mission in this shuttle when they encountered a subspace sinkhole which damaged their engines and threw them into a subspace pocket, within which was a three-planet system. The shuttle crash-landed on the planet, damaging The Doctor's mobile emitter and leaving the shuttle irretrievable. When the crew was rescued three months later, the shuttle remains were abandoned. (VOY: "Gravity")

Starfleet Headquarters shuttlecraft

San Francisco shuttle

In 2375, this shuttlecraft operated near the damaged Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco after the Breen attacked Earth. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

Communications Research Center shuttlecraft

Shuttle flying by the CRC building (left)

On an evening in 2376, this shuttlecraft flew past the Communications Research Center in San Francisco. (VOY: "Pathfinder")

It passed by again on three other evenings: twice in 2377, and again in 2378. (VOY: "Inside Man", "Author, Author")

Vulcan museum piece

On display

These two shuttles were on display at a Vulcan museum on Vulcan in 2380. (LD: "Veritas")

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