Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

The following is a list of unnamed Vulcans from the alternate reality.

Ambassadors Edit

These Vulcan ambassadors, two males and two females were at the starbase Yorktown in 2263 during Krall's attack.

The first couple was among the fleeing civilians and personnel when the Franklin was in pursuit of Krall's ship.

The second couple rushed out of a turbolift in Yorktown Headquarters and passed James T. Kirk, who entered the same turbolift on his way to stop Krall from releasing a bioweapon, the Abronath, on Yorktown. (Star Trek Beyond)

These first two Vulcan ambassadors were played by married couple Joel and Cindy Harlow. Their make-up was applied by Richard Alonzo and Felix Fox. (Prosthetics, issue 4, p. 9) [1]

Bullies Edit

During his childhood, Spock was tormented by three bullies. They tried several times to elicit an emotional response and said that Spock was neither Human nor Vulcan, and thus "had no place in this universe". On their thirty-fifth attempt, one of the bullies called Spock's father a traitor for marrying a Human female, whom he subsequently called a "whore." Spock grabbed him and pummeled him in one of the skill domes. (Star Trek)

It's possible that these Vulcan boys were Sepek, Sofek, and Stark.

Elders Edit

These five Vulcan elders were members of the Vulcan High Council in an alternate 2258. When Vulcan was attacked by Nero and his mining vessel, the Narada, they went into Mount Seleya's katric ark and held a meditation. Amanda Grayson and Sarek were also among them. Shortly before the destruction of the planet, Spock beamed onto the surface and went into the katric ark to rescue the elders, including his parents. Two of them died but the other three safely beamed aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek)

The elder played by Jeff O'Haco (who was crushed by a falling rock) was jokingly identified as "Splat" in the audio commentary.

Head Minister Edit

Vulcan science minister, alternate reality

The Vulcan head minister

In the alternate reality created by Nero's incursion, the Head Minister of the Vulcan Science Council presided over a committee to decide on Spock's application to the Vulcan Science Academy. The minister was impressed with Spock's record, but was curious as to why Spock had also applied to Starfleet Academy. Spock explained that it was logical to explore all options, the minister agreed it was logical but ultimately unnecessary, as he and the other ministers had decided to accept Spock into the academy. The minister again praised Spock, but his comment implying that Spock's Human mother, Amanda Grayson, was a "disadvantage" caused Spock to decline his appointment into the Vulcan Science Academy and join Starfleet instead. (Star Trek)

The Vulcan science minister was portrayed by W. Morgan Sheppard who received no credit for this appearance though having dialogue. It is unclear if the minister survived the destruction of Vulcan in 2258.
In the novelization of the film, the character briefly displays his own emotion when he directs an angry glare at Sarek, well aware that Spock's father was calling him out by reminding his son that he had overcome "unreasoning prejudice" in his commitment to the Vulcan way of life.
The 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals gives his name as Orsak on card #74.

Science Council members Edit

These five Vulcans were members of the Vulcan Science Council in an alternate 2249. Beside the head minister and Sarek, they judged over Spock's future and welcomed him into the Vulcan Science Academy, but Spock refused. (Star Trek)

The 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals is using behind the scenes pictures of three of these Vulcans. Anna Katarina's character is named Vulcan Council Member Solas on card #63, the fourth pictured actor is named Vulcan City Council Loris on card #64, and the fifth pictured actress is named Vulcan Council Member V'Les on card #65.

Messengers Edit

Vulcan messengers

Vulcans with news

These two messengers informed Spock of Spock Prime's death in 2263 of the alternate reality. (Star Trek Beyond)

They were played by unknown actors. One of these actors had dialogue.

Students Edit

These Vulcan students studied in skill domes on Vulcan during Spock's childhood. They passed several tests and questions. (Star Trek)

Background information Edit

Midwives Edit

A deleted scene from Star Trek pictures the birth of Spock in 2230, and includes two Vulcan midwives who help Amanda Grayson give birth to Spock. The younger of the two midwives asks the elder one why the mother is crying and the elder midwife answers it is because the mother is Human. The two Vulcan midwives were portrayed by Jill Lover and Star Trek: The Next Generation guest actress Fran Bennett. In the film's screenplay, the older midwife was described as being in her "60's". [2] The deleted scene is available on the film's Special Edition DVD and Blu-ray, as well as in the Blu-ray set Star Trek: The Compendium.

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