This is a list of unnamed engineering tools.

Bynar scanner Edit

Bynar scanner

A Bynar scanner

This scanning device was used by one of the Bynars aboard the Enterprise-D in 2364 when they worked on the ship's systems. (TNG: "11001001")

Claw tool Edit

After Neelix discovered that Michael Jonas was secretly working with the Kazon-Nistrim in 2372, he attempted to stop Jonas by attacking him with a claw-like engineering utility. (VOY: "Investigations")

Computer hacking tool Edit

In 2372, after Tom Paris left the USS Voyager and was kidnapped by the Kazon-Nistrim, Paris used a hacking tool to access the systems of the raider he was in to determine the identity of a mole on Voyager. The device also had an explosive which could be timed. (VOY: "Investigations")

Holodeck repair tools Edit

When the holodeck of the Enterprise-D had malfunctions in 2364, Geordi La Forge, Wesley Crusher, and two technicians used these three engineering tools for diagnostic and repair. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

O'Brien's toolbox devices Edit

O'Brien's toolbox, 2369

O'Brien's tool box

While searching for his missing EJ7 interlock O'Brien opened his toolbox with several unnamed engineering tools in it in 2369. (DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets")

Picard's tool Edit

Picards tool

A tool used by Picard

This tool was used by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2063 doing modifications/repairs on a phaser rifle while talking to Lily Sloane in the observation lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Repair tool Edit

Trip's repair tool

A repair tool

This engineering tool was used by Commander Tucker in 2153 to change the modifications the Tarkalean female made to the ship's avionics control system. (ENT: "Regeneration")

Sealing tool Edit

Sealing tool 2369

An engineering tool

Neela wanted to use this engineering tool to close a security seal after she finished repairs in the security office. Chief O'Brien told her that this was the wrong tool and she had to use an EJ7 interlock instead because it was a security seal. (DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets")

Subspace transmission scrambler Edit

Subspace transmission scrambler

A subspace transmission scrambler

This pen-like engineering tool was used by Nog to scramble the subspace transmission between himself and Jake Sisko and the Bajoran Sirco Ch'Ano in 2369. (DS9: "Progress")

Takret technology Edit

Takret technology

Takret technology

The Takret Militia brought several pieces of technological equipment aboard Enterprise NX-01 when they boarded the ship in 2152. Several pieces were placed in engineering in front of the warp injector. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

Tools (2150s) Edit

These engineering tools were used in 2151 aboard Shuttlepod 1 by Malcolm Reed when he was preparing the away mission to the surface of Archer's Comet and the drilling rig. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

Upgrade tool Edit

Upgrade tool

An engineering tool

This unnamed engineering tool was used by Chief Miles O'Brien in 2372 on Deep Space 9. He worked on a console on ops and told Major Kira Nerys about the upgrades he did to the station's systems. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

Warp core utility Edit


The utility in use

This object was used beside the USS Voyager's warp core in 2374 while attempting to get it functional again after the ship had Borg modifications installed by Seven of Nine. (VOY: "The Gift")

This prop was reused for other purposes, including an object on Qatai's ship in VOY: "Bliss".

Warp engine component Edit

Damaged warp engine component

The damaged piece of technology

This piece of technology was part of the warp engine aboard the Earth Cargo Service freighter ECS Fortunate and damaged during the Nausicaan attack on the ship in August of 2151.

Matthew Ryan brought this piece aboard Enterprise NX-01. According to Travis Mayweather it was older than chief engineer Trip Tucker and he would get a kick out of this. The quartermaster aboard Enterprise won't have anything like that but engineering should be able to synthesize one. Tucker later told that the valve seals of the piece were shot and he needed about fourty minutes to synthesize new ones while analyzing this piece in his laser micrometer.

When Captain Jonathan Archer later confronted Ryan in his ready room and asked if anything he got from Enterprise was working accordingly, Ryan told him that some of the connections were off by a few microns. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

This piece of technology was not named in the episode.
The call sheet of the episode is listing it as "Damaged Warp Eng. Component" in the prop section.
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