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The following is a list of unnamed hybrids.

Part Bajoran hybrids[]

Part Betazoid hybrids[]

Part Caitian hybrids[]

Connolly's Academy roommate[]

Part Cardassian hybrids[]

Mika's baby []

Dukat and Mika's child

Mika's baby

Mika's daughter was born on Empok Nor in 2375.

Her mother, Mika, was a Bajoran member of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths. Mika and her husband Benyan lived on Empok Nor in 2375 as followers of Dukat.

When the baby was born, she was half-Cardassian. Dukat proclaimed that the child was transformed by the Pah-wraiths into a symbol of his covenant with his followers, in an attempt to hide the fact that he was actually the child's father. (DS9: "Covenant")

Mika's baby was portrayed by an unknown infant.

Initially, the producers wanted the baby to be fairly visible during Dukat's proclamation of a miracle, but the problem was that there are very strict rules as to how much prosthetic makeup can be used on an infant, and how long an infant can be on-set. As such, the producers decided to go with an animatronic baby, and they hired the people who made the Chucky doll for the 1988 Tom Holland film Child's Play. However, according to B.C. Cameron, "It looked like Chucky with a Bajoran nose. His eyes were blinking and he was really spooky looking." Ira Behr said that the first shoot of the scene where Dukat holds the baby up for the gathered crowd produced the biggest laugh ever seen in dailies; "This animatronic baby was moving its head, and Marc was holding it up for the camera, playing the scene for all it's worth, even though it looked ludicrous. It looked as if he were proclaiming to the world, 'Take a look! This is a phony baby! You can get one at Toys "R" Us! Thirty-five dollars and ninety-five cents!' We were howling with laughter and crying in frustration at the same time. The day will live in infamy." Needless to say, the scene was reshot sans animatronic baby. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 634)

The Pocket DS9 book Mission Gamma: Cathedral envisions her as symbol of peace between her two races. The child was named Cerin (β) Teresa in the Star Trek Online mission "Cage of Fire" which has since been removed from the game.

Seska's baby []

Seskas baby

Seska's baby

Seska's child was the child of Seska and Culluh, born in late 2372. He was a Cardassian-Kazon hybrid. (VOY: "Maneuvers")

Seska became pregnant with Culluh's child, but she believed that it was Chakotay's, having extracted his DNA during his captivity and apparently impregnating herself with it. She later told Culluh that Chakotay had raped her during his captivity. (VOY: "Alliances")

Seska gave birth to her child in late 2372 and used him in a ruse to lure Voyager into a trap, claiming that Culluh had taken the child to be raised as a slave. This plot proved initially successful. Voyager was captured, and the crew – save for The Doctor, Lon Suder, and Tom Paris – was stranded on Hanon IV.

During the Kazon control of Voyager, Seska had The Doctor examine the child to confirm his health. The Doctor confirmed that the child had Kazon rather than Human DNA, despite his Human appearance. He speculated that he would show more Kazon traits as he got older, although the unique circumstances of his heritage made this unknown.

Culluh's control of Voyager did not last long; Paris managed to lead the Talaxians in an attack on Voyager after contacting The Doctor and Suder to disable Voyager's backup phaser couplings while he disabled the primary ones. The subsequent damage left Voyager essentially dead in the water, Seska being one of the casualties in the attack. With the ship now virtually useless to him, Culluh fled, taking the child with him. (VOY: "Basics, Part I", "Basics, Part II")

Seska's baby was portrayed by an unknown infant.

In Star Trek Online, Seska's child is now fully grown and named Sessen (β), has taken over his father's role as First maje of the Kazon-Nistrim. He carries on his parents' vendetta against Starfleet and blames them for his mother's death.

Part Human hybrids[]

31st century time traveler's corpse[]

Aurellio's children []

As of 3189, Aurellio and his Orion partner had three children together. In the Orion tradition, Aurellio sported three piercings behind his right ear as a blessing for the arrival of each of his children. (DIS: "There Is A Tide...")

These children were only mentioned in dialogue.

Conglomerate transporter fusion []

In 2381, Ensign T'Lyn foiled a plot by the transporter fusion T'Illups to turn the crew of the USS Cerritos into a "Tuvix army" by fusing various crewmembers together. T'Lyn managed to take control of the ship's transporter systems and beam T'Illups and his accomplices to the brig, but the presence of symbiogenetic alien orchids caused all of them to merge into a single non-sentient conglomerate, which Ensign D'Vana Tendi described as "one big Tuvix-y meatball". Fortunately, the two ensigns ultimately managed to separate this fusion into its component individuals by marking each of their respective genetic sequences and personalities. (LD: "Twovix")

Devinoni Ral's family[]

Devinoni Ral's family was part Human and part Betazoid. (TNG: "The Price")

Mother []

Ral's mother was one-half Betazoid, thereby making her children one-quarter Betazoid. (TNG: "The Price")

This mother was only mentioned in dialogue.

Siblings []

Ral had four siblings who were not empathic, making him the only one who was. (TNG: "The Price")

These siblings were only mentioned in dialogue.

Dobara's unborn child []

The child of the Human Nikolai Rozhenko and the Boraalan Dobara was conceived sometime around 2370. (TNG: "Homeward")

This child was only mentioned in dialogue.

Phlox and Cole's family []

Nine children []

These nine children were the offspring of the Denobulan Doctor Phlox and the Human Amanda Cole, and the ancestors of a young boy, created as a result of Enterprise NX-01's time travel into the year 2037. (ENT: "")

These children were only mentioned in dialogue.

Descendants []

These descendants of Phlox and Cole's nine children made up many of the crew of NX-01, due to its becoming a generational ship. (ENT: "")

Most of these descendants were only mentioned in dialogue.

Boy []

Denobulan boy, E2

A part Denobulan boy

This boy was a descendant of Doctor Phlox and Amanda Cole in an alternate 2154. While visiting a duplicate of Enterprise NX-01, Jonathan Archer gave him back his ball. (ENT: "")

The part Denobulan boy was played by David Moore, the son of regular Star Trek: Enterprise hair designer Michael Moore.

In the final draft script of "E²", this boy was described as having "Denobulan and Human features."

David Moore received no credit for this appearance but was nevertheless delighted to appear in the part. His father recalled, "He wanted to be an alien really badly […] Since David was very easy to work with, they put him in 'E²' as a half-Denobulan with a forehead and some major face time. He was thrilled, and his mom was beaming. I got to put his hair on for him." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 152, p. 31)

Rillak's mother[]

Federation President Laira Rillak's mother was where she got her Human ancestry. In discussing United Earth, Rillak told Captain Michael Burnham that reincorporating Earth into the Federation was a personal priority of hers, as her mother had never gotten to see Earth in her lifetime. (DIS: "...But to Connect")

This individual was only mentioned in dialogue.

Whether Rillak's Cardassian or Bajoran ancestry comes from her mother or father wasn't specified.

Tucker and Ah'len's daughter[]

Trip Tucker and Ah'len's daughter was a female Xyrillian/Human hybrid who was carried eight days by her father before being transferred to a different Xyrillian for the duration of development (ENT: "Unexpected").

Part Romulan hybrids[]

Simon Tarses' brother []

This man was the brother of Simon Tarses. He still lived on Mars Colony as of 2367. During that same year, as part of the investigation into Simon's cover-up of his Romulan heritage, Norah Satie asked Nellen Tore to contact somebody at the colony and have him interviewed. (TNG: "The Drumhead")

This man was only mentioned in dialogue.

Although Tarses' father is only mentioned backhandedly by virtue of Simon having a Romulan paternal grandfather, that would also make his father a hybrid.

Star Trek: Starship Creator gives him the name Joseph.

Raffi Musiker's granddaughter []

Raffi's granddaughter

Raffi's granddaughter

This girl was the granddaughter of Raffaela Musiker and Jae Hwang through their son Gabriel Hwang and his Romulan wife Pel, who was pregnant in 2399. (PIC: "Stardust City Rag") In 2401, Raffi viewed a holographic video of her granddaughter playing with bubbles. Raffi reached out towards the girl, saying to herself, "Good morning, sweet girl." (PIC: "The Next Generation")

This girl was played by an unknown performer.

Part Tavnian hybrids[]

Lwaxana Troi's son []

The son of the Betazoid Lwaxana Troi and the Tavnian Jeyal was conceived some time around 2372. There was a debate over which parent would raise him, which caused much friction between Troi and Jeyal, ultimately leading to the annulment of their marriage. (DS9: "The Muse")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

He was given the name Barin Troi (β) in the novel The Battle of Betazed.

Unknown hybrids[]

Rillak's father[]

Federation President Laira Rillak's father captained a cargo ship. Rillak believed growing up on her father's cargo ship gave her an exceptional resiliance for rough space travel. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Rillak's mother was part Human, though whether her Cardassian or Bajoran ancestry comes from her mother or father wasn't specified.