List of unnamed hyper-evolved Humans.

Paris' and Janeway's offspring Edit

Transwarp humans offspring

Janeway's and Paris' offspring

These three amphibian-like creatures were the offspring of Tom Paris and Kathryn Janeway after they experienced hyper-evolution.

After their parents were returned to Voyager and "de-evolved" back into normal Humans, these young creatures were left on an unknown planet in the Delta Quadrant where they had been born. (VOY: "Threshold")

The transwarp Human offspring were partly small puppets and partly CG-creations. (Red Alert: Visual Effects Season 2, VOY Season 2 DVD special features)
According to the short story "On the Rocks", the three creatures were named "B'Elanna", "Harry", and "Tuvok", referencing B'Elanna Torres, Harry Kim, and Tuvok. There was a fourth creature, named "Neelix" (a reference to the Talaxian Neelix), who had been killed by a predatory animal.
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