List of unnamed photonic lifeforms.

Photonic aliens

These two photonic aliens along with the rest of their species mistakenly believed that the Captain Proton holodeck program was real and were at war with Doctor Chaotica. They assumed Human form but were taken prisoners by Doctor Chaotica and his henchmen. After the second alien was killed by Chaotica, the first one returned to the other beings. He later took again Human form and met with The Doctor, who was posing as the President of Earth. The Doctor convinced the alien that they should join forces to defeat Chaotica. The alien agreed and returned to his realm, termed the fifth dimension by the program, once Chaotica had been defeated. (VOY: "Bride of Chaotica!")

Members of Iden's Rebellion

Holographic aliens

These holographic aliens were part of Iden's Rebellion against the Hirogen hunters. In 2377, these holograms, which were previously created by the programmer Donik as coequal prey with enhanced memory, comprehensive tactical algorithms, and expandable data processing, gained knowledge about themselves and formed a rebellion against their hunters, led by the Bajoran Iden. Together with Iden, Kejal, and Weiss, they escaped from the Hirogen training facility by using a Hirogen ship, with the goal of creating their own colony and living their own lives. (VOY: "Flesh and Blood")

The Star Trek Customizable Card Game named Hornemann's Vulcan Sumek, [1] the Jem'Hadar Wodek'Idan, [2] the Breen Dar, [3] the second Cardassian Harath, [4] the first Cardassian Doran, [5] and the second Romulan Garren. [6]

Holographic Starfleet officers

The first three holographic Starfleet officers and Weiss were hunted down by two Hirogen hunters in a Hirogen training facility. They'd taken cover in a lake and surprised the two Hirogen by firing out of this lake. The two Hirogen were killed during this maneuver. Later they joined Iden's Rebellion and worked on the abducted Hirogen ship.

The third holographic Starfleet officer also joined Iden's rebellion and worked as nurse for the wounded holograms aboard the Hirogen ship.

The fourth holographic Starfleet officer was wounded during a shootout with the Hirogen hunters and suffered from pain caused by a bloody head wound.

The fifth and sixth holographic Starfleet officers were shot down by a Hirogen hunter aboard the Hirogen training facility. This scenario was a memory of a Cardassian hologram, experienced by The Doctor. (VOY: "Flesh and Blood")

All Starfleet holograms were played by background and stunt performers who received no credit for their appearance.
The first three filmed their scenes on 31 August 2000 on location at the Warner Brothers backlot.
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