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The following is a list of unnamed plants.

Alastrian plants Edit

Harry Kim and Eudana on Alastria

Kim and Eudana surrounded by plants on Alastria

These plants were seen on the surface of Alastria. (VOY: "Prime Factors")

Aldean plants Edit

These plants and flowers were seen as decorations on Aldea in 2364. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Archer IV psychotropic flower Edit

Psychotropic flowers

Psychotropic flowers

These psychotropic compound-producing flowers were native to Archer IV.

These flowers released a toxic pollen with a high concentration of tropolisine, causing symptoms of hallucination, paranoia, and lack of cognitive function. (ENT: "Strange New World")

Dedestris flower Edit

Dedestris material

Material spun from the Dedestris flower

This flower grew on the planet Dedestris. It only bloomed in the moonlight. Gathorel Labin offered Kathryn Janeway a scarf made from a material composed of its petals, which was considered Exquisite and very delicate. (VOY: "Prime Factors")

Denubian Alps wildlife Edit

Denubian Alps

Several trees in the Denubian Alps

A holographic program of the Denubian Alps was created as a field trip aboard the Enterprise-D in 2364. The landscape featured several trees and bushes without leaves as well as fir tree-like trees. (TNG: "Angel One")

Enterprise-D quarters plants Edit

The following plants were used as decorations in different quarters and guest quarters aboard the Enterprise-D.

Delta Theta III flora Edit

These unnamed plants and trees grew on the planet Delta Theta III. (TAS: "Bem")

Felicium source plant Edit

This plant was the source of the addictive drug felicium. It only grew in the remote areas of Brekka. Its cultivation, harvest, and purification was both difficult and expensive. (TNG: "Symbiosis")

Flower bouquet Edit

Flower bouquet

A flower bouquet

This flower bouquet was replicated by Tom Paris in 2374 as a present for B'Elanna Torres and an excuse for canceling the date last night. He held the flowers when he used the site-to-site transport to beam directly into the Jefferies tube where Torres was working. (VOY: "Scientific Method")

The call sheet for the day of filming listed the flower bouquet simply as "flowers".

Founders' homeworld's plants Edit

Various plants could be seen on the surface of the Founders' homeworld in 2371. (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "The Search, Part II")

Frozen plants Edit

Two types of unnamed plants were found in the crew quarters aboard the SS Tsiolkovsky in 2364, frozen like the rest of the interior. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

Holographic plants Edit

Several unnamed plants appeared in holographic programs such as the funeral setting for Natasha Yar and the recreation of the Café des Artistes in 2364. (TNG: "Skin of Evil", "We'll Always Have Paris")

Invernian herb Edit

An Invernian herb was a medicinal herb located in remote areas of Invernia II.

In 2351, a young Julian Bashir and his father witnessed the death of a native Invernian girl who, unknown to them, could have been saved by the Ivernian herb. This incident led Julian Bashir to a career in medicine. (DS9: "Melora")

Janeway's plant Edit

Janeway and a large plant

Janeway attempting to escape the plant's grip

A large plant was given to Voyager as a gift by alien dignitaries while the vessel was docked at the Markonian outpost. According to Janeway, it grapped her when she tried to water it. Later, one of branches grapped on to Janeway's hair. (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

Lactra VII flora Edit

Several flowering bushes and leafy plants were native to Lactra VII. (TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder")

Ledonia III plant Edit

Ledonia III plant

Ledonia III plant

This exotic plant from Ledonia III shared its environment with a mycorrhizal fungus that helped it to retain water. Without the fungus, the plant would quickly die. (DS9: "The Wire")

Ligon II flora Edit

Several plants, flowers and trees were native to the planet Ligon II. (TNG: "Code of Honor")

Minosian wildlife Edit

The surface of the planet Minos featured several types of plants, trees, bushes, and flowers. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom")

Mokra Order-controlled planet Edit

The city and the surrounding alleys of the marketplace on a planet in the Delta Quadrant featured several green bushes, trees, and plants. (VOY: "Resistance")

Observation lounge plants Edit

These types of unnamed plants were set as decorations in the observation lounge aboard the Enterprise-D.

Orellius pear Edit

This plant was a pear-like fruit indigenous to Orellius.

A few years before 2370, colonists living on Orellius discover this fruit growing along a riverbank. The colony leader Alixus believed the fruit was "lovely".

In 2370, Alixus offered this fruit as breakfast to Benjamin Sisko, who had spent the night on watch duty. (DS9: "Paradise")

Phylosians Edit

Plants aboard the Enterprise-D Edit

Beside the quarters and the observation lounge and sickbay, several other rooms aboard the ship featured plants. Some were also placed in corridors.

Plants on Angel I Edit

On the planet Angel I several green plants and trees surrounded the buildings. Inside the buildings several plants were placed in bowls. (TNG: "Angel One")

Rubicun III flora Edit

The planet Rubicun III, homeworld of the Edo, featured many plants, trees and green on its surface. Some were planted in bowls and displayed in the court hall of the main building. (TNG: "Justice")

Sickbay plants (2150s) Edit

Doctor Phlox kept several green plants in sickbay aboard Enterprise NX-01 for his animals. Some of them were placed in the cages. (ENT: "The Catwalk", "Regeneration")

Sickbay plants (2364) Edit

These plants decorated the waiting area and the CMO's office of the sickbay aboard the Enterprise-D in 2364.

Starfleet Headquarters park Edit

Starfleet headquarters 2150s

The park

The park area between the buildings of Starfleet Headquarters featured several plants, flowers, bushes, and trees in the 2150s. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem", "Shockwave, Part II", "Regeneration", "First Flight", "Home")

Starfleet Headquarters plants Edit

These plants and flowers were placed in corridors at Starfleet Headquarters and in the surrounding green places. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

Surata IV predatory vine Edit

Surata IV thorn

Part of the predatory vine

In 2365, Commander William T. Riker was attacked by the rhizomatic predatory vine native to the planet Surata IV. Its thorns contained microorganisms, later named as Surata IV microbes. These microbes possessed elements of both a bacteria and a virus, and were designed to infect the nervous system of warm-blooded animals. (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

Symbiogenetic hybrid Edit

Symbiogenetic hybrid

Symbiogenetic hybrid

This hybrid of a symbiogenetic alien orchid from the Delta Quadrant, as well as a prize-winning chrysanthemum and a garden-variety clematis, was created in a 2372 transporter experiment aboard USS Voyager. (VOY: "Tuvix")

Terrasphere 8 bloom Edit

Terrasphere 8 bloom

A bloom

This plant grew at Terrasphere 8 in a holographic recreation of the Starfleet Academy grounds. It's bloom was gathered by the groundskeeper Boothby with a garden clipper. He then smelled at it. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

The script is listing this plant as a "Protea plant". [1] The call sheet just features the note for the art department, "Exotic flowers/garden".

Trees at Farpoint Station Edit

The spaceport and the shopping mall at Farpoint Station housed several sorts of trees when the crew of the Enterprise-D visited this place in 2364. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint")

Vulcan monastery planet plants Edit

The planet housing the Vulcan monastery at P'Jem features several plants, bushes, and trees on its surface. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident")

Vulcan plants Edit

Different green and red leaved trees were planted in front of the Vulcan Science Academy in 2249. (DIS: "Lethe")

Yorktown plants Edit

Yorktown tree

Two people sat beneath a large plant at Yorktown in 2263 of the alternate reality.

Stocky trees with thick reddish canopies were present at Yorktown Central Plaza.

Small palm-like trees with purple stems could be found outside the space where James T. Kirk celebrated his birthday. (Star Trek Beyond)

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