The following is a list of unnamed stars.

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Lwaxana Troi star

Lwaxana Troi once had a star named after her by an astronomer from Rigel IV. (TNG: "Half a Life")

It is not specified exactly what portion of her name was used for the star.

Nyrian system star

According to the Nyrians (who were less then honest), their system contained a red giant star. (VOY: "Displaced")

Unusual dead star

This dead star was encountered by the USS Enterprise while on course for Questar M-17 in 2269. It was discovered to be the source of mysterious radio emisions previously assumed to be from Questar M-17.

The object was unusual in that it had negative mass and intense hypergravity. A spectral analysis of the star revealed imploded matter, on which every reading was negative as well. Its surface appeared cratered. It also had some magnetic force. It was too far away from any G1 stars to be reached using sub-warp travel.

On stardate 5221.3, the USS Enterprise discovered the dead star while star charting. It was forced to go into orbit due to the object's hypergravity, after which the crew discovered an ancient vessel also in orbit.

A magnetic organism living inside the ancient ship returned to the Enterprise along with the away team and subsequently took control of that vessel. The Enterprise escaped, trapping the organism in Questar M-17's magnetic field. (TAS: "Beyond the Farthest Star")

The dead star might have been beyond the galaxy, as the Enterprise was on outward course beyond its fringe, and part of a spiral galaxy-like object can be seen in the background of one shot of it.
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