Location: European Union
Born: 1984
Occupation: Planetologist
Likes (other than the obvious): Space, History, Metal/Rock, Sports
Memory Alpha: Babel
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Previously active as User:BlueMars until the account became unable to log in someday... My second alias is User:Gliese876. Got mixed up with my accounts one day, so I've ended up with two of them... Sorry for that :p

Interests and contributions on MA

Favourite episodes:

Other favourites

  • Species: Humans, because they are the most interesting race in Star Trek. Besides that: Tholians, because they represent a glimpse of the diversity, which might await us out there in the real Universe, although I personally like to think of non-carbon based life to be rather scarce. After all, carbon is the most versatile element, allowing the chemical processes of life to take place far more efficiently than they would if based on silicon for example. However - certain environmental conditions given - silicon might prove to be the better choice...
  • Starship class: Excelsior-class and Nebula-class... can't make up my mind.
  • Characters: Data, The Doctor, Odo, Jonathan Archer
  • Antagonist: Khan Noonien Singh

My contributions

My contributions as Gliese876

My contributions as BlueMars

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