• I live in Phoenix Base, New Canton, Chaos March
  • My occupation is Founder
  • I am Male


I was born in 1965 and one of my earliest memories is sitting with my brother watching the Original Series.


I am a veteran of 20 years US Army service and have a degree in electronic engineering which is sorely outdated as I worked in the field for less than 3 months because I learned that most engineers were nothing like Scotty. They were boorish, Scotty wannabes with Kirk sized egos.


I am a maintenance technician in an iron foundry. My hobbies include camping and hunting; writing and machinima film making. I enjoy writing Star Trek stories and scripts, particularly the research aspects of it. Looking up facts, canon and real life science and trying to join the two into cohesive, comprehensive plot devices for my stories.


I try to use only canon information and models in my productions. If I cannot find a canon source or reference then I use licensed material information such as the old FASA Star Trek Ship Recognition Manuals and the various Technical Manuals including Franz Joseph's. For some things I simply have to be creative such as classifying starbase types. i.e. The 'spacedock' type I call the San Francisco class; Regula science station is simply the Regula class.

My motto when writing any Scifi story is: "Science Fiction without science is just fiction."

This doesn't mean that my stories are filled with tongue twisting techno-babble,it means that when my story includes the ship encountering an ion storm, I have researched ion storms to the best of my ability, defining what they are and why they are so dangerous to starships. From this it should be clear that I am no great fan of Abram's Trek. Great FX, good actors...bad writing, bad science.

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