Randy Holland

Barely technically literate with these postings, I am a lawyer who has been a fan of Trek since the early 1970's. I can be reached at randy.holland@lycos.com.

If I have a single viewpoint as regards this site it is probably to constantly question our assumptions and seek out legitimate source material from which to report information and draw conclusions.

Access to Research Material

In case anyone needs something researched and is willing to wait, I have DVDs of all the series and most of the movies (I need Director's Editions of a few), as well as:

And probably a few more things I've forgotten . . . .

To Do

1) Redraft Warp factor

2) Play with commentary on Star Trek Comic Strip (US)

3) Follow up on Talk:Aeroshuttle

4) Deuterium fixes

5) Constellation class rework

Canon Policy

The canon policy, as modified, has been posted here. Aholland 00:04, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

Another version is here

Proposed Article on Law

My working version - which will likely take awhile - is here.

Article on Star Trek Design Patents

My final version of this article was posted here.

Article on the Star Trek Newspaper Comic Strip

I have added the article here.

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