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Five-year mission "Scorecard"

I'm compiling the raw data of the Enterprise 5-year mission history for use in the USS Enterprise article, and this is a start. If you've seen similar work I can use as reference, or have other suggestions (hold the "you forgot"s until I'm further along) please let me know here.

Now complete through TOS Season 2. --Aurelius Kirk 22:02, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

Planets visited

2265: Aldebaron colony, Delta Vega -- 2

2266: M-113, Corinth IV, Psi 2000, Alfa 177, Rigel XII, Earth Two, Exo III, Tantalus V, Planet Q, Benecia, Shore Leave Planet -- 11

2267: Taurus II, Makus III, Gothos, Beta VI, Cestus III, Cygnet XIV, Earth of 1969, Beta III, Ceti Alpha V, Eminiar VII, Omicron Ceti III, Janus VI, Organia, Time planet, Deneva, Pyris VII, Vulcan, Pollux IV, Halkan, Mudd's planet, Cochrane's planetoid, Babel, Capella IV, Gamma Hydra IV, Argus X, Tycho IV, Argelius II, -- 27

2268: Gamma II, Triskelion, Neural, Sigma Iotia II, Sargon's planet, Ekos, Rojan's planet Omega IV, Alpha Carinae II, 892-IV, Sigma Draconis VI, Triacus, Medusan planet of departure, Medusan homeworld, Melkot homeworld, Beta XII-A, Platonius, Scalos, Minara II, Elas, Troyius, -- 21

2269: Elba II, Ariannus, Cheron, Gideon, Kalandan outpost, Memory Alpha, Holberg 917G, Eden, Ardana, Merak II, Excalbia, Sarpeidon, Camus II, -- 13


Total: (through TOS Season 3) 73

First contacts

2266: Thasians, Miri's Humans, First Federation, Amusement park planet caretaker -- 4

2267: Horta, Organians, Guardian of Forever, Trelane's species, Gorn, Metrons -- 6

2268: Ornithoids (Silvia and Korob),Providers, Sargon's race, Kelvans, Morg/Eymorg, Melkot, Yonadans, Platonians, Scalosians, Vians, -- 10

2269: Excalbians, Sarpeidons -- 2


Total: (through TOS Season 3) 22

Species/Cultures encountered

2266: M-113 creature, Thasians, Balok's species, Exo III androids, Miri's Humans, Romulans, Amusement park planet caretaker, Horta -- 8

2267: Taurus II anthropoids, Trelane's species, Gorn, Metrons, Beta III humanoids, Klingons, Organians, Denevan neural parasite, Greek "god", Halkans, Mudd's androids, Companion, Andorians, Tellarites, Orions, Copper dwarfs, Capellans, dikironium cloud creature, Redjac, Argelians -- 20+

2268: Ornithoids, Kloog's species, Tamoon's species, Galt's species, Providers, Neural humanoids, Iotians, Space amoeba, Sargon's species, Ekosians, Zeons, Kelvans, Omega IV natives, 892-IV natives, Morg/Eymorg, Gorgan, Medusan, Melkot, Beta XII-A entity, Yonadans, Tholians, Platonians, Scalosians, Vians, Gem, Elasian, Troyian -- 27

2269: Cheron native, Gideons Zetarians, Catullan, Tiburoni, Ardanans, Excalbians, Sarpeidons -- 8


Total: (through TOS Season 3) 63+ ("Journey to Babel"'s reception scene makes this tough to nail down)

Unusual encounters

2265: Mitchell/Dehner (altered by galactic barrier)

2266: Charlie Evans (altered by Thasians); Roger Korby's android duplicator; Tristan Adams' neural neutralizer, General Order 7 violation, Shore Leave Planet simulacrums

2267: Murasaki effect, Trelane, Ion storm, Landru, Eminiar-Vendikar War, Organians halt Federation-Klingon War, Denevan neural parasite, Apollo, Nomad, Ion storm/Transporter malfunction/Mirror universe, Zefram Cochrane, Babel Conference, Redjac, Tribble troubles.

2268: Spock's Brain stolen, Dohlman of Troyius, Gideons abduction of Kirk, Flint




2266: Balok's cube and the Fesarius, Romulan Neutral Zone Incursion

2267: Gorn/Cestus III, Klingon attack ship destroyed, Doomsday machine, Stocker's Neutral Zone fiasco, Orion scout ship en route to Babel

2268: M-5 multitronic unit/M-5 drlls; "The Enterprise Incident", Tholian web encounter

2269: "Tholian web" encounter

2270: Huron/Orion loss of neutrality incident

Time Travels

2266: "The Naked Time"

2267: "Tomorrow is Yesterday", "The City on the Edge of Forever" (crew only)

2268: "Assignment: Earth"

2269: "All Our Yesterdays", TAS: "Yesteryear" (both crew only)

Kirk G.I.G.Os

2267: Ruk, Landru, Nomad

2268: M-5 multitronic unit, Mudd's androids,

Galactic barrier

2265: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (encountered)

2268: "By Any Other Name" and "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" (breakthroughs)


2266: Spock sets course for Talos IV

2267: Khan, Mudd's androids,

2268: Kelvans, M-5 multitronic unit, Kang (via Beta XII-A entity),

2269: Garth of Izar (attempted), Space Hippies, Scalosians


Ship damage/malfunctions

(other than battle damage)

2265: Warp engine burnout in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

2266: cracked lithium crystal circuit, Transporter duplication

2267: loss of Galileo




Speed Records

2266: "maximum warp" and "emergency warp" in "Balance of Terror"

2267: Warp 8 in Gorn chase, Warp 11 (via Nomad),

2268: Warp 9 (highest normal circumstances, Ent. Incident, Pard. Synd) Warp 11 (via Kelvans)

2269: Warp 9.5 (Larry Marvick), Warp 14.1 (Kalandan)


Ship to ship rendezvous

2266: Antares, Mudd's J class freighter


2268: USS Exeter, USS Excalibur, USS Hood, USS Lexington, USS Potemkin, Yonada.




2266: Charlie Evans; Harcourt Mudd, Eve McHuron, Magda Kovacs, and Ruth Bonaventure; Karidian Company of Players

2267: Ferris, Ambassador Robert Fox and attache, (former) Omicron Ceti III colonists;

2268: Kollos, Miranda Jones, Larry Marvick; Elaan, Petri, Kryton



Crew ailments

2266: Psi 2000 intoxication; Venus drug intoxication; Miri's disease

2267: Omicron spores

2268: Omega IV virus

2269: Rigelian fever


Crew Deaths

2265: Gary Mitchell, Elizabeth Dehner, Lee Kelso, nine additional 12

2266: Darnell, Green, Sturgeon, Barnhart; Joe Tormolen; Mathews, Rayburn; Tomlinson 8

2267: Gaetano, Latimer, O'Neill: Lang, security guard, O'Herlihy; Jackson; Carlisle and three security guards, two engineering crewmen; Kaplan (Lieutenant), Hendorff, Marple, Mallory; Grant; Galway; Rizzo and four others security guards; Tracy; 24

2268: Thompson; security guard, Harper, Compton; 2 by Gorgan 6

2269: John B. Watkins, Wyatt, D'Amato; 3 crew to Rigelian fever, Watson 7


Total: (through TOS Season 3) 58

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