aka Stephen Campbell

  • I live in Dublin, Ireland
  • I was born on July 26
  • My occupation is English Lecturer
  • I am Male

I'm sure I'll get around to filling this in properly sometime, but for now, all you really need to know is that I'm concentrating exclusively on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes (mainly the BG sections, but also some work on Memorable Quotes and the rare edit to summaries). DS9 is my all-time favorite TV show. I also love Millennium, Nowhere Man, Battlestar Galatica, The 4400 (obviously), Twin Peaks and (of course) Lost. My all time favorite movie is Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line, and my favorite film-maker is Michael Mann. I'm an English lecturer, and I hold a BA, MA and PhD in English literature, I'm also an amature filmmaker, and I hold a dipolma is Film and Video Production.

As far as Star Trek goes, my favorite show, obviously, is DS9. My favorite episodes are "Rapture", "Far Beyond the Stars", "In the Pale Moonlight" and, of course, "What You Leave Behind" (now THAT is how you end a TV show). My favorite character is not Benjamin Sisko, as you may think, but Dukat. I love LeVar Burton's direction as well, why he hasnt done anything feature length yet is beyond me, the man uses a camera like it's a paintbrush, super stuff.

As regards other Star Trek shows, I like The Original Series in a campy it's so bad it's good way. I loved The Next Generation at the time it was first on, but I think it's dated really really badly. I saw some 2nd season stuff a couple of weeks ago, man it was awful. I thought Voyager was the biggest pile of poo ever. I hated it, I hated the characters, the writing, the direction (apart from a couple of decent David Livingston episodes), everything, it absolutely sucked. The first 3 seasons of Enterprise were very poor, but I thought the 4th season was awesome, although by then it was too late. I like nearly all the movies except Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (terrible idea, terrible effects, just terrible), Star Trek: Insurrection (an averge two-parter at best) and Star Trek Nemesis (continuity? We don't need no stinking continuity!)

Like I say, I'll do this page properly some day. For now, here's my talk page, my email and my contributions:




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