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My favorite MA

  1. "Lt. Leslie, killed by a dikironium cloud creature on Argus X. He later recovered."
    — an image caption in Redshirt, by Captainmike
  2. "Worf – son of Mogh, of the Klingon House of Martok, of the Human family Rozhenko; mate to K'Ehleyr, father to Alexander Rozhenko, and husband to Jadzia Dax; Starfleet officer and soldier of the Empire; bane of the House of Duras and slayer of Gowron; Federation ambassador to Qo'noS – was one of the most influential Klingons of the latter half of the 24th century."
    — the first line of Worf, by Renegade54
  3. "Teeth are for chewing."
    — from Tooth, Jörg quoting Grebnedlog.
  4. "Captain's log, stardate 95.9066. The Romulans, that war-mongering race that lives just outside the known galaxy, and the Klingons, the sworn enemies of the Federation, have not shown their evil faces or tried to attack any civilized outpost for weeks. The Enterprise basks in the unusual peace. But in its place, the crew finds other things to occupy themselves with..."
    — from The Robot Masters, Me quoting James T. Kirk.


Only a small sample of my amazing contributions!

Realworld stuff



  • People in Luther Sloan's memory
  • Leak, was supposed to be funny, it isn't really.
  • Studio models, I started it, and filled the first dozen or so by collecting background notes from other articles and lifting info from Jorg's ex-astris articles. Since then gvsualan has expanded it to 40+ items.

Other stuff


MA site stuff

Panoramic animated series screen caps

These images are made from multiple frames that I have joined together. I got the idea from the Elysian Council image.

Phylosian starships
Phylos surface
Dramia II wide
Taurean II surface
Taurean women
Aquatic creature
Sarek's street
Sarek's fountain
Vulcan's Forge at night
Ice cave slaver weapon
Scouter gig wide
Energy wands inside insectoid ship
Megas-Tu lake wide
Megas-Tu city wide
Sur-snake swimming
Enterprise bridge wide, TAS

Screen caps

A few of my favorite screen caps that I have uploaded.

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