Name: CMO
Gender: Male
Origin: New York, Earth
Current Occupation: Veterinarian
Favorite series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Favorite Props: hypospray, protoplaser (if there's any two I wish I had in my hospital right now, it's these)
Favorite Ships: USS Enterprise refit, USS Defiant NX-74205
Favorite Character: Leonard McCoy
Favorite episodes: TOS: "The Doomsday Machine", "Journey to Babel", "The Enemy Within"
Favorite Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Pet Peeves: Current Star Trek productions seem to sometimes forget where the first series (TOS) has already been before, and where it was originally trying to take us...

Hello. Yes, I contribute. :)

Dr. McCoy is my favorite character and actually a role model (he was my initial inspiration for becoming a doctor). I find him to be a very Human character, and therefore an asset to the storyline amidst the technobabble, as he provides humor, forethought, and a wonderful voice of conscience to the others. The medicine of Star Trek is also a major hobby and inspiration. I hope my contributions to the TOS and TNG-era medical references, and McCoy's bio, are well received and enjoyed by all.

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Leonard McCoy, now a Featured Article.


"Journey to Babel" Summary


Drugs and treatments; Medical conditions; Medical equipment; Medical procedures

TOS Medical References

anabolic protoplaser, benjisidrine, brain circuitry pattern, cordrazine, cortropine, decompression chamber, dylovene, emergency surgical kit, formazine, hyperencephalogram, kironide, Comparative Alien Physiology, lexorin, mahko root, Masiform-D, medical scanner, medkit, melenex, neural paralyzer, Omega IV virus, psycho-tricorder, Retinax V, Rigelian Kassaba fever, Saurian virus, sensor web, sonic separator, space psychology, spray applicator, Steinman analysis, steri-field, sterilite, theragen, tri-laser connector, tri-ox compound


Beta XII-A entity, Cheron native, Dikironium cloud creature, Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant, Junior, Talosian singing plant, Weeper, Zetarian


Cheron, Gamma Trianguli VI, Zetar

TNG Miscellaneous References

autosuture, stasis unit, tricordrazine, kefnium, meklinite

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