"...Attempting the hell to communicate."

"Space...the final challenge. These are the continuing conquests of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission, to subjegate strange new worlds; to control new life, and new civilizations; to boldly rule what has never been ruled before."

Greetings to all. As a Trekker, I admit to not being the obsessive, rabid fan that some are...but I'm accused of coming close. In practice, at such a site as this, that implies that I'm quite focused on absolute accuracy on the part of names, dates and the cold logistics of Star Trek, as all the details, in my view, make for a more rich and enjoyable experience. Here's hoping to help everyone make the Trek-wikia a more accurate, and cool, locale.

On other fronts, I've come to realize I appreciate the Dominion's outlook on life, and politics specifically, more than any other group's in Star Trek, and that I'm a big fan of epitaphs and quotes. The reason for the former is that they don't give a damn about civility or etiquette when they know they're in the right (which is to say, when the Founders command something, go fig), and for the latter that I believe they add either mystery, depth, or fascinating tidbits to what might be otherwise normal (and perhaps more boring) summaries. I don't know if that latter aspect would offend anyone here, considering the degree I'd take it to, but to me depth is life, so add such all the more.

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