"The free license part of Wikia limits our control. If the community gets mad at us, they can just leave and take the content with them. That alone keeps the relationship honest."Jimmy Wales, 2007(X)

Cid Highwind
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I'm Cid Highwind, and I'll be your host for tonight... :)

Actually, that's not my real name (who would've guessed?), but the pseudonym I use online regularly, for example on the TrekBBS. You can call me Andreas if you like, but Cid will do just fine.

As a Trek fan...

I'm mostly interested in Trek's Stellar Cartography, which is also the field many of my contributions belong to.

As a Memory Alpha administrator...

however, I see it as my main task to do maintenance work. This includes cleaning up pages, shifting information to more appropriate places and generally trying to keep up the Memory Alpha:Policies and guidelines. When copyediting articles, I'm using this example article I created. Some of the tasks I plan to work on in the near future can be found on my todo list.

Feel free to contact me if you think that one of my actions needs to be discussed.


you can take a look at:

or subpages of this user pages, containing a variety of things I worked on, or still do:

Things to work on

"(mirror)" articles without matching counterpart

The following can't use the {{mirror disambiguation}} template:


...moved to User:Cid Highwind/monobook.css-tmp (add all current fixes after moving back).

Main Page update

Series timeline/temp

  • "Series timeline/temp"

FA nominations

  • Redo nominations page and templates to work like the new deletions. Avoids future trouble with misarchived nominations.
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