Use this page to notify me of any bugs related to Mediawiki or Wikia - that is, bugs that can't be fixed by any admin, or even any user, but need Wikia staff intervention. I will use this list as a checklist to see which bugs are already fixed. Unrelated comments will be removed from this list.

  1. [1] vs. [2] - the first one looks like it should, while the second one shows the Wikia logo and a GNU FDL image. Probably also a problem with other language versions?
  2. Related to the above: interlanguage message notice from MA/fr links to "" on MA/en.
  3. mu:, sv:, sr: - GNU FDL image
  4. sr: interlanguage link not working
    I contacted Sannse about this one a few weeks ago. She said it was on their list of interwiki links to add, whenever they had time to do them. -- Renegade54 23:21, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
  5. Apparently still problems with one of the image upload pages - images get uploaded to MA/en instead of the language version the user is coming from. Happened on de and fr, might be a problem elsewhere as well. Discussed here.
  6. Image upload on MA/mu not possible? Eventually related to the above.
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