A Star Trek fan from early childhood, Chris Clow has had run-ins with some of the principle cast of the Star Trek Universe.

His first encounter was with George Takei at a book signing. Takei had just released his autobiography and Clow, a young child with infinite questions for Mr. Sulu, asked him why he wasn't in Star Trek Generations. Takei replied humorously by saying, "The part was too big."

The second encounter was with Nichelle Nichols, who was speaking to California schools about civil rights. Clow, still a young one, said, "You're the greatest actress I've ever seen." Nichols responded with a very warm-hearted smile, and thanked him for his compliment.

Clow is a hardcore Trekker, dressing up in uniform whenever he gets the chance to go to Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. He resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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