DYKBot has 1,329 edits, and counting!

DYKBot is a bot. It's original purpose was to update the "Did You Know..." section of the Main Page, but that idea has been rejected in favor of a better system. Now it does the normal wiki bot stuff and hangs out on #memory-alpha, the IRC channel of Memory Alpha. It was written by me, Bp, in Perl and minimal Python. I also use the python wikipedia robot framework under this username, including the cosmetic changes script written by Kobi for his bot Morn.


Right now he does Star Trek trivia and MA lookups.


  • Get a definition from Memory Alpha. The optional lang is one of (en, de, eo, es, fr, nl ,sv, pl)
!ma [lang:]article
It has a few bugs yet, like it doesn't work on MA/es because they don't bold the name of the article when they define it.
  • Ask a trivia question
Once a question is asked, anyone can answer it. Scoreboard is dumped once per day at User:DYKBot/IRC Scores.
  • Get score
!score [nick]
  • Get last seen info for a nick (You could also do this with NickServ)
!seen <nick>
  • Show some stats
  • Latency. You must be identified to NickServ and your client must return ctcp pings in the proper format for this to work.
  • Some people have a noise sound when their name is mentioned. Setting this to On makes DYKBot never exactly mention your nick in the leaders/recent list.
!nomention [on|off]
  • Set the default lookup language. Only Memory Alpha languages are allowed. (en, de, eo, es, fr, nl ,sv, pl)
!lang [code]
  • Set the default location for weather, can be zip code or city names, or city names for cities outside the US.
!loc [location]
  • Use the metric system
!metric [on|off]
  • Get the weather for a city
!w [location]

Implementing episode sidebar template

Adding browse data to sidebar templates

The project is expanding the sidebar episode|film template to include data that will allow the user to browse through the episodes from the template.

See: Memory Alpha:Projects/Episode data project

Finding broken links

DYKBot went through all the pages and checked for broken links. The results were posted on User talk:Bp. I've fixed all of them except the Amazon "wikia-20" ones.

Day page - day template merging

A small project to set right something that bugged me for a long time. See Forum:Template madness!#Day Templates.

Finding unmatched datelinks/day pages links

DYKBot went thru all the daypages and created a list of pages that linked to a day but the day page did not link back to. The day pages are kindof Sulfur and Renegade54's thing so it dumped them on Sulfur's talk page.

Christie's auction results

After the auction, "40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection", DYKBot extracted lot and sale price information from the Christie's website and did some statistical calculations. The results are in the auction article, and the collected source data is at User:Bp/Auction data source.

Pic of the Day

Every so often, DYKbot goes through all the Pictures of the Day images and makes sure they have the correct {{potd}} on them. It also removes the {{potd}} on images that are not actually PotD.

Implementing new episode reference templates

DYKBot has implemented the {{Episode}} based reference system described at Forum:Episode reference templates in about 20,000 pages so far. Yet, there is still more to do. The advantage of DYKBot over the pywikibot replace script is that he looks for episode links, not formatting, so he can replace even the most horribly-formatted refs, and even fix mistakes like links through redirects, missing series, or wrong series.

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