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Name: Michael Warren
E-mail: through MA
Homepage: seaWolf ASV
Blog: Musings of a fandom geek
Location: Newport, Wales
Occupation: Patent examiner
Number of edits: 29,202

Who am I

Greetings, Memory Alpha patron! I am Michael Warren, he who calls himself DarkHorizon.

I am a recent graduate, having completed a four-year Master of Physics degree in Astrophysics in 2007. I have been a fan of Star Trek since somewhere around 1989. To see a gallery of the Star Trek items I own, see this subpage. I consider my knowledge of the Star Trek universe to be fairly extensive, and I am pleased to be able to take part in this auspicious undertaking.

On Memory Alpha

I have been contributing to Memory Alpha since 6 December 2003, and was made a sysop on 3 February 2004. I made my 10,000th edit to the database on 29 February 2008.

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Articles/Projects I am particularly proud of

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