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Name: Christopher Heumann
Registered at Memory Alpha: May 24th, 2005
First Edit: T'Pol at German Memory Alpha
First Edit at English Edition: New Orleans class (added link to German article)
First self-contributed article: Seleya at German Memory Alpha
Motto related to Trek: "Let Trek be Trek and the hell enjoy it!"

About me

Hello, fellow trek fans.

I'm User "Defchris" writing from Germany (yeah, No.1 of the all-time bad guys from the past featuring "Star Trek", "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Star Trek: Enterprise"). My nickname was created by me while DS9's German tv premiere an is a composition of my favo(u)rite ship USS Defiant and my first name Christopher (short: Chris)

Why am I here?

Well, actually... I'm spending most of the time at Memory Alpha within the German language edition - writing articles and so on and sneaking sometimes into the English edition to look for facts to take them over to the German articles if necessary.

What have I done here?

just take a look...

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