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  • I live in Macclesfield
  • I was born on March 11
  • I am Male
Name: Dave Philpot
Rank: Captain
Birthdate: Stardate: 1988.03
Location: USS Pioneer, Independence class, NCC-723912
Occupation: Student
Total page edits: 869
Here: My talk page
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Let me start with something simple - my real name is Dave Philpot - the dvp7 part is just a username. I live in Macclesfield, UK, but when at university (whilst writing this I am) I live in Aberystwyth, UK. You'll notice that I write in British English (ie centre not center), and anything I write on here will be 'corrected' (i.e. turned into American English). Long debate for another time.

I am currently an officer on the Facebook application "Addicted to Star Trek", looking over 32,000 fans who have the application installed. The other officers and I use Memory Alpha to check loads of stuff, as it is the best site with which to do so. It is highly recommended as well.

My StatsEdit

  • I have been contributing to articles since February 2008.
  • I am currently working on the episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3. I am doing major rewrites, by watching the whole episode and writing (nearly everything) down. If you think my synopsis is too long, please don't hesitate to contact me. If any have already been fully written, I will leave them be, or edit anything if it's actually different. After concentrating on ENT Season 3, I will focus on the rest of Enterprise, starting with Season 4.

Just how much into Star Trek am I?Edit

Let me put it this way. I have seen about 675 of the 720 odd episodes, most of the ones not seen yet are from the The Original Series. I own all the box sets minus the Fan Collections, mainly because there's no point. I don't seem to read many of the Trek books - I used to, and there are some new ones I do want to read.

I started writing fan fiction in November 2008. I am writing a series called Star Trek: Pioneer, set in the late 26th century. My book is on Memory Gamma, the Trek fanon site. If you're interested in reading it and/or leaving feedback, that can be done here.

Favourite EpisodesEdit


My ContributionsEdit

New pages:

Minor edits:

Major edits:

  • ENT: "The Shipment" - major rewrite of episode, quotes added, trivia added.
  • ENT: "The Xindi" - major rewrite of the episode, sorted out background information from trivia, added quotes.
  • ENT: "Anomaly" - major rewrite.
  • ENT: "Silent Enemy" - major rewrite, quotes, adding pictures. I'd put this as my best article, but I also have to credit whoever made it first, and did everything else.
  • VOY: "Prey" - practically did the whole page. There was a seven word summary, a few quotes and one piece of background info. I wrote the whole synopsis, added a few quotes, bits of background info, added photos.
  • ENT: "Impulse" - major rewrite, adding photos, one or two quotes.
  • ENT: "Divergence" - major rewrite, a few quotes.

Trek XI pages:

Plus I wrote the first "edition" of the plot for the film, and a few quotes.

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