Me, ca.2005
Name: Dennis Ryan Storoshenko
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Student, aspiring exolinguist
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Born: 03, 08 1979

Joined the community in mid-2006, slowly working my way into contributing. When not working here, I am completing a PhD in Linguistics.

I am probably among the last crop who can still remember getting hooked on The Original Series before TNG and the others came along. The first episode I can clearly remember is "The Apple", and the first film I remember seeing was The Voyage Home, though my mother insists we saw The Search for Spock in the theatre.

I first stumbled across Memory Alpha when looking for information in connection with the writing that I plug away at when bored, or procrastinating away from my thesis. Don't worry, I promise not to insert any of my own imaginings as canon, but undoubtedly some of my edits will be born out of arcane pieces of trivia I find useful.

My proposed edit for the Language page is here.

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