Hello, I live in London. I'm a trekkie and a regular contributor at Wikipedia under the same name, Fayenatic london.

I watched all the original series when first aired in Britain. At first I wasn't convinced when The Next Generation appeared, but got hooked watching daily re-runs while visiting my sister in Canada. I watched Voyager from the start, then DS9 when the BBC repeated it, and bought the seasons that I missed. I wasn't so keen on Enterprise, but watched it all out of the loyalty that I had developed to the series by then.

DS9 probably just has an edge over TNG as my favourite series on TV. Picard is my favourite captain.

However, my overall favourite series is New Frontier. I read all the books in order, and my favourite was Stone and Anvil. Peter David is an awesomely good writer. When he contributes to a series, he certainly shows the others how it should be done!

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