Hello all.

I was really introduced to the Trek world during the Next Generation series. My uncle had his Star Trek TNG: Technical Manual which I read cover to cover, understanding that it was basically fiction. In spite of that, most of the engineering assertions were plausible, especially given our current lack of understanding of many things.

I ran into the Voyager series during the seventh season, missing many of the episodes and not really understanding the trials of that series to get the crew home. At that point, I had my UltimateTV box (the now defunct Microsoft Tivo knock-off for DirectTV viewers) record Voyager anytime it found it on the listings. Unfortunately it was scattered episodes, and not in the intended order, so sometimes it was difficult to track.

So now with the introduction of the Voyager series DVD's, I'm finding myself really getting back into the Trek fan world, and enjoying it.

My goal is to contribute to this wiki wherever I can!

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