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  • Highlights:
    • 9-10-2004: I began contributing here as someone else;
    • 12-3-2004: I joined under this username;
    • 5-15-2005: I became an administrator;
    • 1-26-2006: I expanded my digital footprint with DelBeccio-bot;
    • 7-21-2006: I was a statistic; one of the twenty-one contributors on all of Wikia to be acknowledged for achieving at least 10,000 edits, I think I was well over 30,000 at the time;
    • 6-1-2007: I made my 50,000th edit;
    • 8-16-2008: I made my 75,000th edit;
    • 11-13-2009; I made my 100,000th edit;
    • 4-26-2010 to 7-26-2016: I took a 6 year hiatus;
    • 11-19-2019: I made my 200,000th edit;
    • October 2020: I was FANDOM's Editor of the Month!:
      "Gvsualan for Memory Alpha. Voracious editor on Memory Alpha who has been with the wiki since forever, the sheer amount of edits a testimony to his dedication to the franchise. Did a great job, as usual, during the release of Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3."
    • 11-22-2020: I created Memory Alpha's 50,000th article, metal fabric; please, hold your applause...
    • 4-13-2021: I made my 250,000th edit;
    • 9-10-2021: I celebrated my 17th anniversary on MA.
    • 1-11-2022: I made my 275,000th edit;
  • On MA, there are currently:
    • 30,915,015 users
    • 2,903,578 edits
    • 190,791 pages
    • 58,261 files
    • 53,769 articles
    • 217 active users
    • 14 admins


More stuff

Past and special-purpose discussions related to this article can be found on the following subpages:

Stuff worked up

A few I've spend a bit of extra time on:


Julian Bashir (early life), Bobby, Freeman, Kathryn Janeway (early life), Kang, James T. Kirk (early life), Klaa, Koloth, Kor, Mardah, Leonard McCoy (early life), Quark (early life), Telek R'Mor, Hikaru Sulu, Zek


Andorian, Bolian, Breen, Elasian, Greek gods, Kriosian, Orion, Parasitic beings, Q (species), Tellarite, Tholian


Andorian battle cruiser, Antares-type, Constellation-class, D5 class, D7 class, Danube-class, D'deridex-class, D'kora-class, D'kyr-type, Excelsior-class, USS Excelsior, Ferengi shuttle, Galor-class, Groumall-type, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, K't'inga-class, Miranda-class, Mondor-type, Oberth-class, Olympic-class, Raptor-class, Ravinok-type, USS Reliant, Romulan Bird-of-Prey, IKS Rotarran, Suurok-class, Vor'cha-class

Unnamed people

Kang's battle cruiser personnel, Starbase 11 personnel, Tantalus Penal Colony personnel, Unnamed Iotians, Unnamed Ekosians/Unnamed Zeons (split and expanded), Unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel‎, Unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) command personnel‎, Unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) operations personnel, Unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) sciences personnel, Unnamed USS Cerritos personnel, Unnamed USS Cerritos command personnel, Unnamed USS Cerritos operations personnel, Unnamed USS Cerritos sciences personnel


Ferengi ranks, Cardassian phase-disruptor pistol, Cardassian phase-disruptor rifle...

Deep dives

This all sorta started after I decided to help knock out a list of forgotten souls on TrekBBS whose life statuses were unknown.


TOS'ers (et al) still ticking

TOS lost souls