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Fanish boy stuff






More stuff

Past and special-purpose discussions related to this article can be found on the following subpages:

Worked stuff

There are pattern buffers full of stuff have researched and wrote a large percentage of the work for pushing several articles into the upper percentiles towards completion, some even became featured articles, here are a few I've spend a bit of extra time on:

Unnamed people


  1. The Wolf Inside
  2. Vaulting Ambition
  3. What's Past Is Prologue
  4. The War Without, The War Within
  5. Will You Take My Hand?
  1. Brother
  2. New Eden
  3. Point of Light
  4. An Obol for Charon
  5. Saints of Imperfection
  6. The Sound of Thunder
  7. Light and Shadows
  8. If Memory Serves
  9. Project Daedalus
  10. The Red Angel
  11. Perpetual Infinity
  12. Through the Valley of Shadows
  13. Such Sweet Sorrow
  14. Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2
  1. That Hope Is You, Part 1
  2. Far From Home
  3. People of Earth
  4. Forget Me Not
  5. Die Trying
  6. Scavengers
  7. Unification III
  8. The Sanctuary
  9. Terra Firma, Part I
  10. Terra Firma, Part II
  11. The Citadel
  12. The Good of the People
  13. That Hope Is You, Part 2
Short Treks
  1. Runaway
  2. The Brightest Star
  3. Q&A
  4. Ask Not
Lower Decks
  1. Terminal Provocations
  2. Much Ado About Boimler
  3. Veritas
  4. Crisis Point
  5. No Small Parts
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