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  • Highlights:
    • 9-10-2004: I began contributing here as someone else;
    • 12-3-2004: I joined under this username;
    • 5-15-2005: I became an administrator;
    • 1-26-2006: I expanded my digital footprint with DelBeccio-bot;
    • 7-21-2006: I was a statistic; one of the twenty-one contributors on all of ₩ikia (pseudo)recognized for achieving at least 10,000 edits (I was well over 30,000);
    • 6-1-2007: I made my 50,000th edit;
    • 8-16-2008: I made my 75,000th edit;
    • 11-13-2009; I made my 100,000th edit;
    • 4-26-2010 to 7-26-2016: I took a 6 year hiatus;
    • 11-19-2019: I made my 200,000th edit;
    • 9-10-2020: I celebrated my 16th anniversary on MA;
    • October 2020: I was FANDOM's Editor of the Month!
    • 11-22-2020: I created Memory Alpha's 50,000th article, metal fabric, please, hold your applause...
    • 4-13-2021: I made my 250,000th edit.
  • On MA, there are currently:
    • 29,010,465 users
    • 2,764,251 edits
    • 180,920 pages
    • 55,266 files
    • 51,283 articles
    • 233 active users
    • 22 admins


More stuff

Past and special-purpose discussions related to this article can be found on the following subpages:

Stuff worked up

There are pattern buffers full of stuff I have researched and wrote with a large percentage of the work pushing several articles into the upper percentiles towards completion, some even became featured articles, here are a few I've spend a bit of extra time on:

Unnamed people

Ppl trivia


TOS'ers still ticking

TOS lost souls