HighwindBot is slowly starting doing actual work while it is still being tested. Later, it will be primarily be used for various cleanup tasks, but also to support the other bots if requested. Is controlled by Cid Highwind.

Current tasks

If you have a task for this bot, please add a comment on User talk:Cid Highwind.


  • Remove size specification from thumbnail images. Already started a simple replacement ("thumb|200px" -> "thumb"; about 600 pages changed), will continue for other sizes and parameter constellations.



  • Check for deprecated msg: prefix in templates (Done 2005-12-30).
    1. Take care of all occurrences not in "nowiki" tag using:
      • replace.py -sql:cur_table.sql -regex -except:"{{msg:" "{{msg:(.*?)}}" "{{\1}}"
    2. Check remaining prefixes in nowiki tags manually
  • Change all occurrences of :{{image paramount}} (also: {{image copyright}} and {{image fairuse}}) to {{image paramount}}, after indentation has been added to template (Done 2006-01-01).
    1. Take care of all occurrences starting with a ":" on a new line using:
      • replace.py -sql:cur_table.sql -namespace:6 -regex "\n:\s*{{image" "\n{{image"
  • Adding {{pna-file without copyright}} message to all image description pages not using one of the {{image*}} disclaimers, using (Done 2006-01, will repeat as necessary):
    • replace.py -sql:cur_table.sql -namespace:6 -except:"{{[i|I]mage" -regex "(.)\Z" "\1\n{{pna-imagenodisclaimer}}"


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