Obviously not me... or is/was it?
Alias: Intricated
Character: A whole lot of it
Age: Old enough
Place: Toronto, ON, Canada
Edit Count: 152 (approx.)


Welcome to my User page. I'm just another Star Trek fan looking to make any contributions I can to such a great wiki. Feel free to drop me a line on my talk page.

In the beginning in late-2005, I primarily focused on minor edits to existing pages for spelling, grammar, wikilinks, external links, etc. Most of the editing occurred when I was bored or suffered insomnia (both occurred more often than I hoped).

By early-2006, I started to make larger contributions, mostly to organizational or technological articles, and occasionally about performers and characters. By mid-2007, my contributions reduced to a sporadic nature, as most of my Trek knowledge was already shared with the masses on MA.

Recently, my MA contributions are sporadic and originate from mundane references to reports or alerts during the occasional re-run I catch on TV.

Some of my notable (to me at least) accomplishments are below:

Significant contributions

Other new pages

Very incomplete.

Other major edits

New images gallery

Ideas for MA

  • Ensure all species articles have a standard layout and approach, perhaps like:
    • Physical description of the people, including physiological and biological characteristics (body shape, height/weight, hair, skin, colouring, etc.)
    • Location of the species, including quadrant(s), homeworld/system(s) and colonies
    • Social structure, including government/authorities/agencies
    • Cultural artifacts or other unique non-technological contributions to the universe
    • Overview of technological capabilities or list of technologies
    • History (timeline), with emphasis on interactions with Humans
    • Background info from background or non-canon sources


Intricated's Favs
Favourite series: Star Trek: The Next Generation: My first exposure to Star Trek, and I've never looked back.
Favourite movies: Star Trek: First Contact: What can I say, I'm a sucker for plotlines with Picard, Data and/or the Borg.
Favourite starships: The USS Enterprise-D and the Prometheus: First one is iconic, the latter should be. If only the Enterprise's bridge and corridors, well basically the entire sets and props, were bigger.
Favourite episodes:
Favourite Main Characters
"Make it so."
"Does my uniform clash with my epidermal layer?"
"Even *I* get to wear a redshirt!"
Jean-Luc Picard Data The Doctor
"Make it so."
"Does it clash with my epidermal layer?"
"Even *I* get to wear a redshirt!"
Favourite Recurring Characters
"Flowers! Is there a John Luck Pickard here?"
'Insert stammering here'
"I've got the world on a string..."
Q Reginald Barclay Vic Fontaine
Favourite Guest Characters
Best Star Trek villian in black and white, ever.
"Let's get myself endangered so that Jean-Luc can come and save me again."
"I can't believe I fell for that 'boy'..."
Doctor Chaotica Vash Robin Lefler


Thanks for stopping by! --Intricated 12:46, 5 Sep 2005 (UTC)

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