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Name: Adam
DOB: 08/03
Current Location: Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Works with the Ferengi Commerce Authority
Education: BA, History, Messiah College
Self-Styled Role on Memory Alpha: Prowling Arbiter of Correct and Proper Grammar / Syntax
Favorite Actor / Character: Robert Picardo / The Doctor
Favorite Episode: "A Fistful of Datas"
Favorite Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Favorite Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Because we are held to a higher standard!

First encountered Star Trek by watching all of the TOS movies during a weekend his sophomore year of high school. Was a faithful viewer of Voyager with his mother (yeah don't laugh) and has watched Enterprise and TNG whenever they are broadcast on Syfy.

Would not describe himself as a Trekkie but thoroughly loves and supports the idea.

Expect no major contributions from Obey the Fist as he is not nearly as versed in the Star Trek Universe as many others on this site.

Also, if you come across OtF's work just know that he probably fixed some overlooked grammatical or syntax error OR was striving to make an article a lot more readable than it was before his finicky grammatical stylism came across it.

If you don't know what syntax is....well then I have no sympathy for you.
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Project Help

Helped Archduk3 with merging all of the information on individual Holographic duplicate pages of Star Trek characters with their main character pages (La Forge, Picard, Riker and Crusher were completed by me).

Writing Style: My own take

People may wonder why I care so much about incorrect grammar and syntax. My simple statement is this: "Because we are held to a higher standard!"

How is this so?

Having taken a trip to other wikia subjects out there I can tell you that Memory Alpha is by and far the most complete and professional looking. Incorrect grammar or syntax only distracts the reader of an article from trying to glean the information they want. With that in mind, try to avoid simple grade school level mistakes:

  • Don't use run-on sentences. This is even true when using words like: "like", "and", "but", "because", "(al)though", "however", etc.
  • If you are going to create a compound sentence (a sentence that contains two subjects, verbs and prepositions) you should not split the sentence by first using a comma "," then by using "and", "but" or "also" directly after said comma. The comma should be left out of compound sentences all together (Sad, I know, but that's life).
  • Don't use the semi-colon ";" to separate a compound sentence. Most likely you can safely, and correctly, separate a compound sentence by using: "and", "as", "because", "but" or by using a period "." to make two unique sentences.

Delving further into the overall writing style of Memory Alpha I would simply remind all writers to maintain the general article structure. Do not try to venture out and put the Background section at the top and the Contents at the bottom of the page.

Throughout everything follow these two words: be bold!

Rank and File

Throughout my numerous edits of episode articles I've come across a great way to maintain structure between all pages when dealing with military personnel.

The editor (or article creator) should first keep in mind one thing: this page could be the first page that someone is viewing.

With that in mind I always edit articles to reflect that when a specific military personnel (i.e. Captain James T. Kirk) is first named, both their Rank and full name are given. The links to both (rank and name) should also be used. However, when using that same person's name again within the article it's good to use only their last name with no rank designation and without their name link (i.e. Kirk and Commander Spock went up a hill). This way, each individual military personnel is properly identified in the article and all relevant links are added.

The most problematic rank that I have come across is that of Lieutenant junior grade. While the "junior grade" is commonly only used in formal settings (performance review, trial, or court martial for example) it would be accurate to use both the "Lieutenant junior grade" link and write out "Lieutenant jg" (or any approved variation) when a specific military personnel holds that rank and you are mentioning them for the first time. However, after much thought and talk with users on this site, it is best to write the full rank of Lt. jg only when writing in-world articles.

Thus, when we first introduce
[[Lieutenant junior grade|Lieutenant jg]] [[B'Elanna Torres]]
we should write it exactly as such.

That is, unless where we have already referenced a Lieutenant's rank (Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant). After first mentioning a Lieutenant's rank, the next use of the should be abbreviated.
If, in an article, we first mention Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, all subsequent Lieutenant ranks should be abbreviated as
[[Lieutenant junior grade|Lt. jg]] [[Tom Paris]]
or as
[[Lieutenant|Lt.]] [[Malcolm Reed]]

Once again, I am not a final authority on grammatical stylism but these are great tips to keep in mind.


Well here's my first take on continuity issues.

I'll start with the parasites in (TNG: "Conspiracy") and why they "have never appeared again." Remember, this is just my thoughts on how to connect events together.

Most fans have wondered as to the reason for the parasite queen activating a homing beacon prior to its death. Where did the signal go? To whom was it sent? While this was "supposed" to be a lead-in to the Borg (see background section on "Conspiracy") how can we fit this into canon?

Has everyone forgot the one dangerous alien race encountered by USS Voyager? I'm speaking of Species 8472! Could not the parasites encountered by the USS Enterprise-D have been the "scouts" or infiltration unit of Species 8472? Just a little something to chew on.

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