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OK, what can I write about myself?

I've been a Trekkie for nearly 16 years now. In 2004, I started to be a little more active when it comes to my being a Trekkie (apart from watching Star Trek with friends on the weekend) and started writing articles for, most of them together with Bernd. Some of the articles I have written and researched deal with re-uses of ship models, re-used props and alien make-ups, the changing faces of several aliens and some more stuff. Doing that has been lots of fun, so I figured (and Bernd figured so too ;-)) I should start doing some stuff for Memory Alpha.




When TNG was released on DVD I decided to get rid of my old 10 year-old videotapes (taped myself from German television) and buy the DVDs. I decided not just to watch the episodes, but also to make screenshots and archive those shots. My goal was, to have screenshots of everything ever seen in Star Trek, building my own visual database of everything Star Trek. I decided to watch every episode, and take notes while watching, about what would be screen-shot worthy in the episode. Then I made screenshots and put most of them into special folders, to organise the different things depicted.

I decided on the following folders:

Objects (including everything from weapons and scanners to chairs and paintings)

Lifeforms (the ones that were named and also every single background alien)


Planets (includes planets, stars, nebulae, spacial phenomena etc.)

Planet surfaces (all the nice matte paintings and CG-graphics but also the same old TOS rocks)

Rooms (only rooms that are not located aboard the USS Enterprise (NX-01 till E), USS Voyager or DS9)

Rooms aboard the NX-01

Rooms aboard the Enterprise 1701

Rooms aboard the Enterprise-D

Rooms aboard the Voyager

Rooms aboard DS9

Starships (everything from probes and alien shuttles to Federation starships and Borg cubes)

Logos and Written languages

Now, 6 years later every episode of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT was archived that way. I have a folder for every episode, that has screenshots that fall under one of those folders and additional screenshots of cool things that just don't fit in any of those categories (graphics, bloopers, special effects...)

I usually only take one screenshot of persons, lifeforms and objects per episode, but I take screenshots of every different shot of starships, planets, planet surfaces etc. One example:

In the folder for "Fortunate One", I have 56 Screenshots of the ECS Fortunate.


In the folder for "A matter of time", I have 7 different screenshots of Penthara IV.

Now, if I want to find out, in which episode Romulans were seen, I just look in the relevant (lifeforms) folder and can count the appearances and also have a screenshot of every single appearance.

Why am I writing all of this here?

Well, I'd love to share those screenshots with the community of memory-alpha! If you ever should need a Screenshot, you can always contact me. It is very likely, that the Screenshot you are looking for, is already on my computer, so it's just a piece of cake to upload the pic.

I have the following on DVD:

to make it short: everything released in Region 2.

So, if you need a screenshot, I'm always glad to help. :-)

Update: As of January 2006 I have uploaded more than 1750 screencaps, seems, as if I can finally put all those screencaps to good use, but hey, there's still more than 30000 named screencaps on my computer...! ;-)

Congrats! If you are one of my students and have googled my name and read up to here, I can also confirm that I am indeed the guy teaching you in Biology or English or Biology in English at the Gymnasium Haren! ;-)

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