I began watching Star Trek when I was about eight or nine years old. The US's SciFi channel aired reruns of The Original Series, and after having heard my father talk about Star Trek, my curiosity was peaked. Oddly enough, I fell in love with the show, despite its cheesy acting and seedy plots. We began watching DS9 towards the end of its run, although I wasn't particularly impressed with it. We then switched to Voyager, halfway through the series, and I fell deeply in love with it. To date, it is my favorite Star Trek series. We finished out the series, and Star Trek slowly faded as a loved memory. However, I recently obtained the DVDs of Voyager and have begun watching them all over again, from the beginning. I've caught TNG reruns from time to time, but I haven't yet seen the entire series. I one day plan on purchasing the DVD collection of TNG. I enjoyed Enterprise at first, but the usurpations of the Star Trek mythology that was well established in my mind quickly aggravated me, so I ceased watching it.

My favorite Star Trek film would have to be First Contact, closely followed by Generations. The latest installment is slowly growing on me, although I am upset over the alternate time line issue (Paramount's attempt to get more money out of the franchise). Within time though, I think I will come to enjoy it.

My favorite Trek species would have to be the Borg. I seem to be able to identify with them for some reason (probably my biology/evolutionary background), and I enjoy seeing how they have developed as a collective.

I am currently a Biology major (former engineering major), so the scientific aspect of Star Trek highly appeals to me, especially since it is fairly likely to be achieved one day. I would one day love to be responsible for inventing some high-tech Trek inspired device (medical tricorder maybe?).


I also love to write, so I thoroughly enjoy editing and writing articles on here. I like to think that my grammar and spelling are superb, which makes me a prime candidate for a writer on here. I refuse to use "AIM-speak", text-messaging shortcuts, or neglect punctuation or capitalization, making for an overall enjoyable experience on the behalf of the community. I believe that I will be a valuable addition to the Memory Alpha community.

Please feel free to contact me via my talk page if you are offended by anything I say, or if you believe any edits I have made are in error. I tend to be a very open-minded and easy-going person, if you catch me on the right day.

I hope that this brief biography will enlighten you to some of my pursuits and delights of Star Trek. Happy editing!

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