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  »Look, in moving beyond Newton and adopting relativity, you've had to take on board some pretty strange ideas about space and time; common sense has largely gone out of the window.«
– Barry Dainton in „Time and Space"

Moin, Moin.

My name is Jan H. Kobarg, I'm 23, live in Bremen, Germany and most people around simply call me Kobi, while I'm also known as Intelligence at the TrekBBS or as Andorian at Spacestation K7.

Based on the fictional universe aboard Spacestation K7 I created a new Star Trek page that I called Andorian's Office unfortunately I only have few time to update it on a regular basis. Main reason for this are my administrator duties and real-life.

The backround of my TAS-Avatar is from one of the Elite Force maps hosted by K7: Synchromesh's "Enterprise III" which resembles the episodes "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "Trials and Tribble-ations". Maybe you also heard of the TOS Season 4 Mod "The Argas Effect", the first TOS single player modification for Elite Force.

My feature article

The Enterprise is sent to the Delphi system to investigate the fate of the starship Zimbabwe. After a first sensor scan a strange sound is broadcast and picked up by communications officer Uhura. When she opens the hailing frequency Trelane aboard a Fokker Dr.I triplane appears on the screen. After a brief fight between the Enterprise and Trelanes triplane the crew of Captain Kirk soon finds themselves in a German prison of 1917 to take part in one of Trelane's mortal games.

Baron Trelane von Gothos is my entry for the June TrekArt Contest at TrekBBS. See the original thread. The image idea comes from Star Trek: Judgment Rites – "No Man's Land".
My user project

Recently I created a subpage about the Kzinti, having started to read the original novels published by Larry Niven's writing staff. My thoughts and findings will be presented on this subpage.

Memory Alpha

I currently have admin rights in the German, English, Dutch and French version of Memory Alpha. In the German edition, where I did help to set up the basic files, I became admin in October 2004, in English and Dutch in July 2005, mostly because technical difficulties were encountered during controlling the bot.

My favourite Star Trek series are TOS, TNG and DS9. Of all species that appeared in Star Trek I like the Andorians most.

I'm most interested in Trek History and Trek Astronomy, so articles or comments by me will most likely cover either of these topics.

However there are also some things I believe are depicted wrong in the now accepted Star Trek universe. If you are interested to find out which ones I recommend to have a look at Star Trek Errors

Also a special project of mine is the Search for Nuclear Vessels where I go on Chekov's and Uhura's search, making use of Google's satellite images.


In March 2005 I volunteered to have a look at the benefits of a Bot in Memory Alpha. So I became the controller of Morn. See the Bot's userpage to see a list of changes made by the two of us. Report any encountered problems to my talk page however.

Morn is fulfilling mutliple tasks since its original set up and has already some brothers. If the software works properly I solve disambiguations redirects and of course its main intention: Interwikis.

Did you know ...

Selected contributions
Secondary literature

As some sort of hobby I collect secondary literature about Star Trek. Most of the following list was acquired via eBay auctions.

Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
Deze gebruiker heeft elementaire kennis van het Nederlands.
This user speaks no Klingon at all.
Even though he owns "The Klingon Dictionary".

This user is totally lost when it comes to Latin.
Despite of 5½ years learning Latin in school.

More infos to come ...