Hi! This is my favorite website- along with Wikipedia (where I'm also lunakeet)

I think that if we combined TNG, DS9, and Babylon 5, we could make a very good ST series.

I write TOS parodies a lot.

I act them out with stuffed animals (who actually resemble the characters they portray). The part in the parentheses is the scary part. Like, I have this black panther who looks like Spock, and this Siamese cat who portrays Uhura (and I think I'll make her a uniform).

Favorite Episodes-

TOS- Journey to Babel, Mirror, Mirror, The Trouble with Tribbles

TNG- The Measure of a Man, In Theory, The Best of Both Worlds

DS9- Wrongs Darker than Death or Night, Trials and Tribble-ations, Babel

VOY- Infinite Regress, Ashes to Ashes, Ex Post Facto

My friend and I are making Star Trek: The Musical, which is a TOS parody.

I have two websites for it, and quizzes.

About the Characters (in ST:TM)

Kirk- does nothing, and is always gone with some girl.

Spock- Basically the same, but more introverted, and McCoy's best friend, ever, and Kirk's worst enemy.

McCoy- The same but with a more obvious accent and is Spock's best friend.

Scotty- Always in Engineering.

Sulu-Same, I guess...


Uhura- Gets promoted, is given a bigger role. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Characters-

Akaria A'strata- Chief of Security, photophobic, rather obsessive-compulsive, has four friends- Uhura, McCoy, Spock, and Kiya. She's an Ailaean.

Kiya- The nicest person on the Enterprise (the nice Ailaean), not at all like A'strata, the only person who actually works.

I hope everyone will like it- considering it will only take about 2 more years milleniums.

Free ice cream at your local Borg assimilation station when you get assimilated! (offer expires immediately after assimilation) 12:54, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

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